Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Watch A Baby Day Be Born

Whatever happened to the singer of "Brand New Key"? She sings I've got a brand new pair of roller skates and you've got a brand new key in her happy bopper song and my friend Sherry said she lost her credibility with such a silly song. At any rate I didn't hear her on the radio anymore. For me female writers and singers of songs are superior to that of males, the female capacity for understanding and empathy is just greater I've always thought. Melanie Safka inspired me when I was very young and I cannot even explain the hold she had on my imagination. I became a vegetarian for a short while because of her, and I find that strange for no one loves a burger more than me. I thought it would give me her spirituality and artistic ability but all it did was make me light headed. I didn't feel grounded eating vegetables. Is that wierd? It does seem to make one think more and all those higher I.Q. Asians and their rice diets can't be wrong can they? We believe things without proof, we feel our way through life, we emulate those we love just because we like the songs they sing so very much.
Do you have a photograph, when you were still in high school?
Were you happy in it, little reason lots of rhyme,
Were you happy in it at the time
Deep down in your memory do you recall the lines
when your heart was in it but your reason changed your mind
When you would love forever, but your reason changed your mind.
Melanie later in her career sang such songs of disappointment and she seemed so innocent and so full of love at the beginning.
You see she was the actress who played the part of snow
they asked her to play starshine she turned down the role
they asked her to play windsong well she'd give it a try then they asked her to play music,
her own sweet music ah,
they asked her to play music
and she sang 'till she died
So at sixteen I set my alarm for 5 just to watch a baby day be born just like in the song. Art might imitate life but I say life imitates art much more.

Friday, August 13, 2010


I used to imagine my room a tower
me a princess enslaved
and out there lovely meadows
till the cliffs met the sea
and no one to question
who I am as me
as I sit here watching the radio towers
that blink on my slow rivers
that may one day find the sea
I have loved my own words
better than life itself
and I find no reflection of
what I have understood
in what I meant


Does God see this wilderness
below his feet
and when He hears the poems
does he think of me
you see like Shelley
I wrote of him enough
and that's enough to be a troubadour
that's enough of love
there's a wind rippling by His ear
of songs each of us have sung
and if He caught a harmony
will He come?


You always told the truth you know
you said this day would come and then it came and now
there's no one else who understands me
so I talk not being understood
just to talk, enjoying the words I know you'd know
if you were here
but you're not and never can be
you led always I followed
but I cannot follow you there
Then autumn your favorite season comes
and I'm reminded of everything I might've done wrong
I want to work in this Mordor, this place without light,
until tiredness leads to numbness
until I can find the pieces of my heart

A Promise

I may do nothing now or never
to reach that something I can't define
I may run far never to get
away from whatever behind
the only certainty is that today
more than any other day
so uncertainly lived
I feel the need to escape
those tomorrows like today
and you like a tomorrow never seen
like a promise will shine
and smile in my dreams