Monday, July 11, 2011

Arabic Lots

Dreamhouse Attic is a site with a great deal of the arabic lots, this is a sort of formula using the Ascendant of your astrology chart. Finding money in the chart is a pastime I seem to never tire of, so my fav is the Lot of Wealth. Destiny seems to have plowed a course and left this birth chart of mine to remember it by, for it seems all things were foreshadowed and if the ancients thought one day they could predict everyone's life, well millions have been spent trying to predict the weather. What we find is that the weather cannot be predicted, it can be linked to probabilities and that is exactly what astrology is. To be sure I have felt the jealousies of Venus in Scorpio and a great deal of puzzlement has been with me as to why I, the least jealous of all people should find myself so fiercely jealous when it comes to my love life. It has been said the percentage of correct prediction is 84 percent, which isn't bad. I try to change myself, self-improve myself and have been ever since elementary school when no one liked me. Yet with this comes the question of why, since these things were not linked to my personality or some lack in myself although I do have lacks of course but rather to my family messing up my life with great impact and ignorance of that fact. Still a malignant mother and a teacher getting her revenge on my family is not good luck, is it? Authority of all kinds has failed me, parents, teachers, policemen, bosses. I do not see this in my astrology chart but somehow I don't doubt it is there. With astrology everything is explained, and it does so beautifully.
Those who follow astrology usually do so because their lives are so very bad that they start searching for answers. It seems horrible to have such bad luck, but it is better at least to feel you understand it. I myself have planets without essential dignities which means to talk without tact, to be quarrelsome, to be always butting ones head against authority. So it has been, but I still feel that is right to do so. It seems sad somehow to blend in and yet I long for it like sunshine in the winter. It is sad to melt into the crowd and be forgotten, but somehow I think we are forgotten anyway.