Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Playing with the Wolf

My friend Sherry and I once wrote poems about the proverbial "wolf at the door". You have to survive first, even if it means hunting like the wolf. My poem was about basically ignoring the wolf and Sherry's was about inviting it inside and playing with the wolf. Playing with the wolf would never have crossed my mind, the horrible things that happen to us when we don't know what we are going to do; when we lose our job, when our family throws us out the door or when an illness threatens to leave you homeless or your car breaks down and you are thinking about walking to work. This, to me, represents the wolf and it did to Sherry too, it's just the way she thinks. When faced with horrible people she often found herself working with as a waitress she played with them, I ignore the low class people I work with. Two different styles of living.
In astrology Mercury rules the tongue and it is a rule that Mercury is inclined to be negative. Mercury itself is neutral, it belongs to neither the day or the night and is neither male nor female. In our interactions with one another we are inclined therefore to be negative, to gripe when we are having a bad day, and like the wolf the bully tends to go for the one who is weakest, just as the wolf goes for the baby elk or the wounded elk to chase and tire down for the kill. These people often remind me of David Letterman, these people often have no talent or abilities of their own, (in fact, Letterman offers scholarships to "C" students as that was what grades he made in school himself), this super criticalness and making fun and being ready with a joke when anyone slips up, this mocking. I knew someone very much like Letterman and he spends evenings reading encyclopedias, alone. When younger I thought him so clever, so cool. Now I see him and wonder how I ever let his lashing comments burn, why did I become so hypervigilant whenever he was around to be extra "cool"? I, once I realized how much this old friend was like Letterman, was never able to think of him without this comparison in mind. He is like a wolf. We need people who nurture us, who are not wolves.
Then there is the question of why we need wolves at all.
Why did God make it where we come to these dead ends, where we end up hungry or cold or at the end of our rope? How can you think of God's grace or of beautiful things or what is possible when you haven't even had anything to eat or are freezing cold? Why must we have these experiences? I've accepted reincarnation but even so, it doesn't explain this.
It is said the real world is an illusion and our job is see past that.
For me, I just don't talk when I really feel bad, though complaining is something I do as a sort of pastime with others. When it comes to close to the heart, complaining just makes my heart bleed more. I've learned to be careful about what I say, the sayer forgets them but the target may never forget. I remember things people said to me from years ago. The wolf makes people like animals, they don't care they are so focused on themselves. We should try to remember the wolf isn't the people we live with, the wolf is at their door as much as he is at ours.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Triplicity Ruler

Every 28 years of your life is ruled by a planet, a triplicity ruler. Okay, first you have to know what planet rules your chart. If you were born in the daytime then the Sun rules your chart. If you were born at night then the ruler is the Moon. I was born at night and my Moon is is the water sign of Cancer. My life is ruled by the Water triplicity. Here is how it works:
Fire = Sun Jupiter Saturn
Air = Saturn Mercury Jupiter
Earth = Venus Moon Mars
Water = Mars Venus Moon
Please be sure to check my work before taking it to heart as I can make mistakes, I am a fan of astrology but not an astrologer.
I was amused to see that my first ruler was Mars, as I grew up with a family at loggerheads with one another. My father was violent and my birth chart says I have a likelihood of being physically hurt by another because I won't back down. With my father that was a likelihood to say the least but I survived. At 29 I entered the rulership of Venus. Now the astrologer I have been reading says to see the strength or weakness of your ruling planet to see what these 28 years will be like.
Mars for me is in the 4th, the 4th represents secrets, mysteries, things underground, family. It is said by this astrologer to represent things that go up and down. It was a big secret that my father was beating my mother and it was a mystery why he (or anyone really) would want to do such a thing. The 4th is about the most powerful parent, which would be my father. But a planet symbolizes many things and Mars was me asserting myself, breaking free from the bonds and the promises to my mother to always keep this secret. (She would always protest she loved my father). You see, this sadistic beating of someone else in secret and that person agreeing with and not fighting against them, almost an S and M thing is subterranean, something underground. It was almost as if my mom wanted to be beaten, and then asked for sympathy and help from other people when it was her fault it was happening in the first place! (I don't give to those charities that help abused and battered women, it wouldn't suprise me if a great deal of them don't encourage and like it)
Then at 29 Venus rules my life and I am very interested in becoming an artist or a writer, I am loving music so much now. I always loved music, I think Venus just made me love it more. Now Venus is in the 12th house for me, the 12th is a BAD house traditionally. It represents things that are hidden, things about you the world does not know. Venus represents artistic talent and my talent is something that is hidden. Those who know that I've published belittle it, don't think much of it, and most often are not interested enough to read it at all. Now Barbara Streisand has Venus in the 12th so it doesn't mean the world won't love you, I do get published but I get precious little praise at home. So it has not been such a great time, Venus is a beneficial planet but she is full of bad spirit because she rules the BAD 6th house and she is in the BAD 12th house. It is hard for me to get inspired, to get to do my writing, to get people to think it important enough for me to allot time to it. However, once my writing gets to an editor I often get praise. Once a New York editor called all the Stubbs in my town until they found me on the phone to tell me how much they liked my story and to advise me I should buy a computer. (I was typing on an old Royal typewriter and using a ton of liquid paper.) So the 12th represents the public, the collective unconscious.
It is interesting.

Hitler's Chart

I was suprised that we knew the birth time of Adolf Hitler and could do his chart. He is lacking in an element and that element is Water. It is thought this made him lack compassion for others, but also his Venus was in the middle of 2 malefics. By orbit Venus would square and then conjunct these 2 bad planets for his whole life, and Venus rules his Libra Ascendant. In fact Hitler fancied himself an artist and made a meager living painting postcards in Vienna I have read. He died at 56 years of age. Astrology studies extremes just to understand if perhaps the planets can say why we are as we are, it seems the planets create a leaning towards something rather than saying "this is how you shall be". Still, in the currents of time if we drift this leaning towards can be very powerful.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Heaven's Sense or College and the 9th House

The 9th house is about college, and the ruler of the 9th (as with all houses) is more important than planets actually "in" the house itself. How this ruling planet sits in your chart is what happens concerning higher education.
Turning to myself as an example as I always do, the 9th for me is Leo so the ruling planet is the Sun. My Sun is in conjunction with Saturn, giving me loads of self-doubt. So there is me thinking I am just not smart enough to go to college, in fact I did go for only a very brief time. But Leo is where we play so wouldn't I be partying it up in college? Well, no. The 9th is the house of philosophy, higher thought, abstract concepts are what I play with and moral issues are what I think about. But, and this is a very big but, I resent using my mind as anything other than a toy and only think about what I want to think about.
My mind is my toy.
The 9th is the house of the mind.
Astrology is really simply laid out really. The 9th is a Universal house. (I think about the world)
Houses 1-4 are personal houses.
Houses 5-8 are social houses
Houses 9-12 are universal houses.
The 9th rules publishing because it rules the public expression of ideas. I want to be a writer and it is a work of love. My 9th is ruled by Leo. When Leos are workaholics they do so out of love, loving what they do. Social acceptance, validation and applause are what Leos seek. Leos don't need to look for love, they love themselves already very much thank you.
It is interesting to note these 3 classifications of houses in relation to oneself.
For instance I have Mars and the Moon squared in the social houses and nothing else. (Well I do have the part of fortune in the 7th) Anyway, this is how I deal with other people, with aggression or with the Martian love of competition or with the Moon's emotions.
I find this interesting because it is so true.
However, the degrees in the middle of a sign, the 11-20 degrees, are the working degrees. The planets here are the ones you'll use the most. I only have Mercury which is the planet of communication in these degrees. Once again, truth.
So I am somewhat thinking what I want to think merrily forgetting any knowledge I don't like learning and there is this urge to communicate it to someone else. I find myself telling my hubby astrological things he has told me time and again he has no interest in.
That is because he doesn't believe in astrology.
I just don't care.
I remember and tell myself to shut up.
My hubby is a "meat and potatoes" guy, like let's talk about the here and now and the real and not about possibilities and not about abstract concepts. He is a simple man. Reality is his playing cards and what is likely to happen, he is not suprised at thoughts but rather by things that actually happen. I think poverty made him that way. One must be vigilant after all, to keep the hungry wolves away from one's door. I find that as long as I am warm and well-fed today I can forget about tomorrow. Primitive man, after all, had the same concerns but still found time to make dot to dot pictures of the constellations in the sky and think about what the stars might mean.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

NaNoWriMo Anyone?

November is write a novel in one month month, that is if you are participating in NaNoWriMo, (Can't see any link to Mork & Mindy and the alien who said hello by saying NaNoNaNo.) I did see a link to Tom Robbins, that author of "Even Cowgirls Get the Blues" and "Another Roadside Attraction" His advice on writing a novel is to forget all advice and write the darn thing. Hmm...interesting.
He says that novels are compelled into being, that they come with naviete. I can be naive I think to myself hopefully as I read....I can forget things like advice too!! I have a feeling there is more to it than that but never mind, NaNoWriMo is about writing at roughly the speed of light, to write so quickly that perhaps you silence those internal censors and that part of you screaming, (it sucks, it sucks bogwater!)