Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hitler's Chart

I was suprised that we knew the birth time of Adolf Hitler and could do his chart. He is lacking in an element and that element is Water. It is thought this made him lack compassion for others, but also his Venus was in the middle of 2 malefics. By orbit Venus would square and then conjunct these 2 bad planets for his whole life, and Venus rules his Libra Ascendant. In fact Hitler fancied himself an artist and made a meager living painting postcards in Vienna I have read. He died at 56 years of age. Astrology studies extremes just to understand if perhaps the planets can say why we are as we are, it seems the planets create a leaning towards something rather than saying "this is how you shall be". Still, in the currents of time if we drift this leaning towards can be very powerful.

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