Monday, December 27, 2010

Food Network

I am addicted to Food Network which annoys my family so much I wonder why. What could be more harmless and easy to watch than cooking? I can't believe you can make ice cream without an ice cream maker. I can't believe you can buy potatoes you don't have to peel (Yukon Golds and Fingerling potatoes). I am amazed that pickle making should be so easy, or that soup doesn't have to simmer for hours and follow a complicated recipie. In short, I'm sort of learning how to cook and my family who only wants meatloaf or fried chicken and macaroni and cheese only out of the box is starting to wonder where it will all end. Where will it all end?
I want to eat roasted Beets and try fish blackened with cajun spices in a cast iron skillet. I want to coconut my shrimp and use a white sauce for once on spaghetti. My family is having the horrors and refusing to eat.
What is a mom to do?
Well, I go ahead and cook the same old thing and watch food network and write down interesting things in a notebook. I told you it's a real addiction!
Meanwhile, I wonder if Bobby Flay dies his hair. It changes subtly in color and early photos show him as a carrot top. I wonder why Paula Deen's sons changed so much on her show as time went on, they were so embarrassed by their mother once! I wonder if Big Daddy has a wife and really makes up all those recipies. I wonder if the Semi-Homemade lady really is like that, and if Emeril has an ego as huge as he appears to have. (Can anyone be filled with so much confidence and self-love?) I have to go now. I wonder what is on Food Network.....