Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sect Astrology

Just love this old firetruck, I can't get my head around what photos I can legally use and what I can't, so I just use my own from my own camera, I think at least I can use those!!!
I was reading about Sect again, how the Moon rules a night chart and the Sun rules a Day chart. Sun people are less stupid about their emotions, they can separate self-worth from being a failure at a job for instance. Moon people like me mix everything together, we are ruled by our emotions. Actually, since most babies are born at night, wouldn't most people be Moon people? All these things I see in my own chart I can tell you are true, Sect works for me and I bet it works for everyone. Jupiter doesn't work for me in my chart, sure it supposedly influences me but it gives me nothing, nada. My night chart means my good luck comes from Venus, and so it is. I saw something interesting in a chart interpretation, it said that, without aspect, one planet cannot see another planet. They do not influence one another.
Wow, chucka, chucka, wow, wow.
This can be a hard thing on a person and truly what you cannot see can hurt you.
This is why you need a phd and a lot of smarts to understand this. I stand here on the edge of comprehending great & wonderful things and I invite you to go to Astrodienst and have your chart drawn up.
On the other hand a planet unaspected can be a wonderful thing, it is called wild.
Now Neil Young, a great artist and if you have not heard of him run out and buy a copy of After The GoldRush and no it is not country music, though it sounds a little like that, has a wild
and unaspected Mercury in his birth chart. It is the reason he communicates like he does. His communications are unearthly and straight from an alien star. You can hear pure Mercury.
He wrote a bunch of his hit records with a high fever, I found that odd also. There are moments, between one note and another when this King of Grunge has captured something truly, truly, wild. And he has a new recording that is out! Whew!
I have one aspect between Venus and Mercury, so I'm a little wild I guess.
I am properly a Venetian, I live for the pleasure of art and for making art that gives me pleasure. Still it is the Moon that rules my chart, a Moon in Cancer that gives physic powers.
Where are mine? Somewhere where I don't realize they are, in the fact that I can make leaps of intuition maybe, I don't know. It is things that are distant that you hear better, I know that.
So does Stevie Nicks in The Edge of Seventeen:
Sometimes to be near you is to be unable to feel you
My love

Story hit by Tornado

My story has been dropped for now sorry for anyone following, it was to be a challenge to have to write. This is how far I get every time, I get to a fork, (rather many forks, a multitude of forks) and I am confused because what I want is clear, but how the story plays out is not. I am tingly all over at the thought of a man who is like a woman, I mean who can communicate and wants to and gives you attention, I love romances for this reason. Not only that, I've discovered that there are men like that out there, I don't meet them, but they are out there. I was struck while reading Stephen King all at once, that he was one of those men! My man, who has 3 times more testerone than he needs, wants to tackle each day anew never mind analyzing things and he does not want to talk about feelings, no sir, results are what matter. He needs me. I've never met anyone less in touch with their hearts, he knows his hurts, that is why he ignores it as much as possible. Yes hearts do break and his has been broken, but you can't stop trying!
My hero as you can tell, is quite prickly and suspicious of woman he meets, a stranger, and who the hell is she anyway he thinks? Men think of women almost as an extension of themselves, he is angry with her, but why? Because she is all too appealing and beautiful women are a no-no for him, he knows what they are like. Day by day, all over the place, women and men are arguing about things that have nothing to do with what they are really arguing about, and the magic still happens. This is because it must because we are like ketchup and fries and we were made to go together, it is elemental, it is deeper than any one of us can deny, this desire for a partner, the one. My one is my opposite, while I write he has nothing to do with words at all. I am the keeper of his dreams, the master of his imagination and he is my safe haven and my home. He is the master in the real world, the world of cars that break, bills to be paid, appointments to keep, and taxes that have to be figured up, but here in the shadowlands, I am the Queen. I've always been here, with books in my bed and a picture frame around everything because everything is art, I am mistress of Serendipity because I follow the laws of chance, how likely was it that something happened, the less likely the more the universe is at work making things happen.
I found the most wonderful blog by a girl from Sri Lanka. There is so much on the internet to enjoy. I'm going to start to write these down for my blog so I can share with people who might stop by here. A place to start is Absolute Write, it is the place for writers, a joy and a laugh out loud place, I saw this today...
I want to live in a world where a chicken can cross the road without anyone questioning his motives.
There is much more, click on blogs and see what joys await you. These people are serious about writing.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


We've had a tornado! Across the street and across the field there from my house, a tornado went by and hit this trailer park. No one was injured, the tornado pulled up trees but no houses. While I write my story I thought to post something about the stars and money. Money is something we've all got to wrestle with and it is interesting that you can see your money in a chart.
The second house is what you value, your attitude towards material possessions, (including anything you value, including even yourself). Now this house is not as important as the 6th house.
This is called the house of survival, it is how we earn our money. Surprisingly the 6th house is supposed to also be about your health but I've not found that association in my life. The 5th represents your children. The 6th is considered the 2nd house if the 5th is the first, like you can spin your chart around and make the 5th the first and see your children in the chart. The 11th house represents what we earn from our career. Here is money: 2nd, 6th, and 11th. Venus represents money also, and Jupiter. In a way I do not comprehend also Neptune.
Here I see myself and I am not very mathematical and can't do the mental dancing that a professional astrologer can do. Even those of us who are not genuises can see these simple things and see ourselves.
Okay, Capricorn rules my 2nd, in turn ruled by Saturn. Where is Saturn in my chart? Old man Saturn, planet of duty and constriction. So what I value I give out of a sense of duty to my family. I also feel frivolous things that are not useful should be gotten rid of. I have little room for all the books I collect, I pass books along dutifully because I feel I've gotten what I can get out of them and they should be given to others who may benefit. Saturn again. This is a personal thing because Saturn is in my first house of self.
Now I have no planets in the 6th house. It is Taurus, ruled by Venus. Where is Venus? For me she is in the 12th house of sprituality. The 12th is about overcoming your ego they say.
I'm constantly had opportunities at work to let my ego lie down and take a beating. I want to have fun at work (Venus likes harmony and beauty and enjoyment of things), this urge is powerful, more powerful than any urge I have to be taken seriously. I'm a bit of a clown at work, jollying people out of their bad moods and enjoying their company. Taurus is an earth sign who likes basic humour (think the 3 Stooges) and that is the kind of joking I do at work. Taurus is also the sign of dependability and when work demands it I can work very hard and stop my joking for awhile. My job is a team effort, and the team is more important than me myself.
Now the 11th is what you've earned in your career. Here things for me get foggy and of course they should be because Neptune is in the 11th house for me. It is said where Neptune is is where you will be called upon to make a sacrifice. Indeed, I do not do what I wish to do so I can make a decent living for my family. I work where I work for the higher pay and insurance. The planets have many meanings however and interpretation is usually not a simple thing at all.
If you look at these 3 houses you should get a picture of yourself and your values.
I have an earth sign, another earth sign, and an air sign.
I have Mercury, then Venus, and then Neptune.
These are my planets concerned with money.
Midheaven is specifically your career and for me, Mercury trines the midheaven.
This should point to a career in communications.
Now I do not work in communications but I am an aspiring writer who blogs and loves language. This is perhaps what I should be doing but I am not.
Venus and Neptune are about creative work.
I think I see in my chart that I should be a writer.
There are other things I see that point this way but that is special to me.
Your chart should be special to you.
As my planets cover most of my chart I have many interests. The more your planets are spread out so are you spread out. A person with a lot of planets in one place would be centered on that place, those planets, those houses.
I think it is the nature of the universe that you love what you also should be doing. Divine will maybe makes us want what we should have, that which gives us joy.
Look to Uranus who I've learned is the planet of higher purpose and look to the stars.
It is not a pattern we always follow, but there is a pattern there.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Casey woke up to the smell of warm cotton, her nose was in a pillow. The sun was shining on her from a window with no curtains. She could see why there were no curtains, from the looks of the room whoever the room belonged to couldn't afford them. The floor was wooden slabs, some of them sticking up slightly from the floor. The walls were a garish blue, and the only decoration was a calender from a funeral home on the wall. There was a dresser with two drawers hanging open and a chicken outside the window on the air conditioner. With a rush she remember wrecking the car and the rude man named Hays, he must have left her here, but why?