Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Story hit by Tornado

My story has been dropped for now sorry for anyone following, it was to be a challenge to have to write. This is how far I get every time, I get to a fork, (rather many forks, a multitude of forks) and I am confused because what I want is clear, but how the story plays out is not. I am tingly all over at the thought of a man who is like a woman, I mean who can communicate and wants to and gives you attention, I love romances for this reason. Not only that, I've discovered that there are men like that out there, I don't meet them, but they are out there. I was struck while reading Stephen King all at once, that he was one of those men! My man, who has 3 times more testerone than he needs, wants to tackle each day anew never mind analyzing things and he does not want to talk about feelings, no sir, results are what matter. He needs me. I've never met anyone less in touch with their hearts, he knows his hurts, that is why he ignores it as much as possible. Yes hearts do break and his has been broken, but you can't stop trying!
My hero as you can tell, is quite prickly and suspicious of woman he meets, a stranger, and who the hell is she anyway he thinks? Men think of women almost as an extension of themselves, he is angry with her, but why? Because she is all too appealing and beautiful women are a no-no for him, he knows what they are like. Day by day, all over the place, women and men are arguing about things that have nothing to do with what they are really arguing about, and the magic still happens. This is because it must because we are like ketchup and fries and we were made to go together, it is elemental, it is deeper than any one of us can deny, this desire for a partner, the one. My one is my opposite, while I write he has nothing to do with words at all. I am the keeper of his dreams, the master of his imagination and he is my safe haven and my home. He is the master in the real world, the world of cars that break, bills to be paid, appointments to keep, and taxes that have to be figured up, but here in the shadowlands, I am the Queen. I've always been here, with books in my bed and a picture frame around everything because everything is art, I am mistress of Serendipity because I follow the laws of chance, how likely was it that something happened, the less likely the more the universe is at work making things happen.
I found the most wonderful blog by a girl from Sri Lanka. There is so much on the internet to enjoy. I'm going to start to write these down for my blog so I can share with people who might stop by here. A place to start is Absolute Write, it is the place for writers, a joy and a laugh out loud place, I saw this today...
I want to live in a world where a chicken can cross the road without anyone questioning his motives.
There is much more, click on blogs and see what joys await you. These people are serious about writing.

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