Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sect Astrology

Just love this old firetruck, I can't get my head around what photos I can legally use and what I can't, so I just use my own from my own camera, I think at least I can use those!!!
I was reading about Sect again, how the Moon rules a night chart and the Sun rules a Day chart. Sun people are less stupid about their emotions, they can separate self-worth from being a failure at a job for instance. Moon people like me mix everything together, we are ruled by our emotions. Actually, since most babies are born at night, wouldn't most people be Moon people? All these things I see in my own chart I can tell you are true, Sect works for me and I bet it works for everyone. Jupiter doesn't work for me in my chart, sure it supposedly influences me but it gives me nothing, nada. My night chart means my good luck comes from Venus, and so it is. I saw something interesting in a chart interpretation, it said that, without aspect, one planet cannot see another planet. They do not influence one another.
Wow, chucka, chucka, wow, wow.
This can be a hard thing on a person and truly what you cannot see can hurt you.
This is why you need a phd and a lot of smarts to understand this. I stand here on the edge of comprehending great & wonderful things and I invite you to go to Astrodienst and have your chart drawn up.
On the other hand a planet unaspected can be a wonderful thing, it is called wild.
Now Neil Young, a great artist and if you have not heard of him run out and buy a copy of After The GoldRush and no it is not country music, though it sounds a little like that, has a wild
and unaspected Mercury in his birth chart. It is the reason he communicates like he does. His communications are unearthly and straight from an alien star. You can hear pure Mercury.
He wrote a bunch of his hit records with a high fever, I found that odd also. There are moments, between one note and another when this King of Grunge has captured something truly, truly, wild. And he has a new recording that is out! Whew!
I have one aspect between Venus and Mercury, so I'm a little wild I guess.
I am properly a Venetian, I live for the pleasure of art and for making art that gives me pleasure. Still it is the Moon that rules my chart, a Moon in Cancer that gives physic powers.
Where are mine? Somewhere where I don't realize they are, in the fact that I can make leaps of intuition maybe, I don't know. It is things that are distant that you hear better, I know that.
So does Stevie Nicks in The Edge of Seventeen:
Sometimes to be near you is to be unable to feel you
My love

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