Saturday, November 14, 2009

Heaven's Sense or College and the 9th House

The 9th house is about college, and the ruler of the 9th (as with all houses) is more important than planets actually "in" the house itself. How this ruling planet sits in your chart is what happens concerning higher education.
Turning to myself as an example as I always do, the 9th for me is Leo so the ruling planet is the Sun. My Sun is in conjunction with Saturn, giving me loads of self-doubt. So there is me thinking I am just not smart enough to go to college, in fact I did go for only a very brief time. But Leo is where we play so wouldn't I be partying it up in college? Well, no. The 9th is the house of philosophy, higher thought, abstract concepts are what I play with and moral issues are what I think about. But, and this is a very big but, I resent using my mind as anything other than a toy and only think about what I want to think about.
My mind is my toy.
The 9th is the house of the mind.
Astrology is really simply laid out really. The 9th is a Universal house. (I think about the world)
Houses 1-4 are personal houses.
Houses 5-8 are social houses
Houses 9-12 are universal houses.
The 9th rules publishing because it rules the public expression of ideas. I want to be a writer and it is a work of love. My 9th is ruled by Leo. When Leos are workaholics they do so out of love, loving what they do. Social acceptance, validation and applause are what Leos seek. Leos don't need to look for love, they love themselves already very much thank you.
It is interesting to note these 3 classifications of houses in relation to oneself.
For instance I have Mars and the Moon squared in the social houses and nothing else. (Well I do have the part of fortune in the 7th) Anyway, this is how I deal with other people, with aggression or with the Martian love of competition or with the Moon's emotions.
I find this interesting because it is so true.
However, the degrees in the middle of a sign, the 11-20 degrees, are the working degrees. The planets here are the ones you'll use the most. I only have Mercury which is the planet of communication in these degrees. Once again, truth.
So I am somewhat thinking what I want to think merrily forgetting any knowledge I don't like learning and there is this urge to communicate it to someone else. I find myself telling my hubby astrological things he has told me time and again he has no interest in.
That is because he doesn't believe in astrology.
I just don't care.
I remember and tell myself to shut up.
My hubby is a "meat and potatoes" guy, like let's talk about the here and now and the real and not about possibilities and not about abstract concepts. He is a simple man. Reality is his playing cards and what is likely to happen, he is not suprised at thoughts but rather by things that actually happen. I think poverty made him that way. One must be vigilant after all, to keep the hungry wolves away from one's door. I find that as long as I am warm and well-fed today I can forget about tomorrow. Primitive man, after all, had the same concerns but still found time to make dot to dot pictures of the constellations in the sky and think about what the stars might mean.

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