Friday, September 17, 2010

Opposites Attract

Who is our opposite?
Astrology says it is your Sun Signs opposite, if you are a Sagittarius then Gemini is your opposite, is you are an Aries then it is all Libras. Scorpio who always want to dig deeper for the truth find their opposite in Taureans, who just want to enjoy a good meal and fill their Venus ruled senses with pleasure. ( For an idea of who represents Taurus well, Cher has a peregrine Taurus Sun so could be said to be that almost perfect Taurean expression.)
If you do your natal chart then then it is the 7th house which represents "others." It is the house of lovers and also the house of open enemies. Don't lovers sometimes turn into enemies! Then look to the ruler of the 7th to see how your relationships pan out. The ruler of my 7th happens to be in the 12th house. It is said this is the house you cannot see, the house of your blind spots and it is true that I cannot figure out relationships. When they fail I don't know why, but vaguely feel it is my fault. (The 12th is associated with secret sorrows.) I find this interesting. Interesting that my 7th is Taurus and that I'm married to a Taurus. So what does the sign on the 7th house mean?
It means these are the people you are going to run into, for good or for ill, for your whole life. They seem to find you. You can run but you cannot hide, for your opposite is what you long for to fulfill you.
The Taurus love and appreciation of beauty and the sign's beautiful self-containment and caring not a whit what others might think is a wonderful thing. This is what we want in our opposite sign.

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