Monday, February 14, 2011

Shadowfever by Moning

I have followed this series and this book is the last one I'm sorry to say. The Fae care nothing for humans and are so sensual and beautiful that it is more than a poor human can stand. Yet stand this heroine MacKayla or "Mac" must for to fall under thier spell is to lose oneself entirely and become a sex slave or "Pri-ya".
In the first book she meets Barrons and who he is exactly is never explained but he is so powerful even the Fae fear him. Lost in the dangers that the shadows of Dublin, Ireland hold she sees a bookstore with all it's lights lit up where she meets Barrons. He never lets the lights go out for shadows hold creatures who would suck the life out of you. She meets Barrons and immediately they are attracted to each other and start to argue with each other. They can't stop fighting with one another even though the attraction between them is so strong. This love or hate relationship is the center of the story.
The books are sort of ghoulish, sort of like a book about zombies might be. She kills a lot of creatures in these books. The books they also say are very sexy, but if you read them there is very little sex in these books. There is sexual tension so tight I wanted to shout at these characters, get together already!! There is so much action that it is hard for these two just to keep up with each other and they lose each other entirely sometimes.
This is most of all a romance and a sensuous one at that. I hear it is very successful. That is as it should be. This is what I did last weekend, all weekend, is read Shadowfever.

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