Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I wonder if I could be an astrologer. I'm itching to get my hands on some poor guinea pig and talk their ears off. I thought it was interesting to learn about reality from Astrology.
For every point on your birthchart there is an Egyptian bound ruler and the ruler tells "the reality of that point". The trigon ruler tells you the spiritual expectations of that point. So, if you know your Ascendant degree you can see the lies you've told to yourself and how things really turned out if you know your planets.
For me, the Moon is my spiritual ruler. This is how, in theory, I think things ought to be. This is my ideal. The Moon is all about emotions and family and I want a loving family more than anything else in this world. I tried very hard to get my family to love me in fact.
Saturn is my Egyptian Bound Ruler. So, Saturn is the reality of the point that is my Ascendant. Saturn is all about rules and regulations and limitations. I wasn't able to spend time with my family because they seemed to always want to spend time with someone else! Saturn is contraction, coldness, and crystallization of emotions. I could say I've grown a cold cold heart when it comes to my old family, but for my own children I had high pie in the sky hopes. Once again, I had to work a lot and didn't get to spend as much time with my kids as I wanted to. There are constant money problems, vehicles that need to be fixed we can't afford to fix. I blog at my library because I can't afford internet. It is Saturn's way to place obstacles in your path. It isn't that you can't do something, it's that the something becomes very difficult to do. I have very strong Moon ties to my family, but we have problems. Money problems often accompany Saturn also. Saturn isn't always the bad guy, Saturn represents that you'll have to put in hard work to achieve anything. That is just the way it is for everyone has Saturn in their chart somewhere doing something. But then hard work is often good for us, as my father constantly told me growing up.
Another way to use this is for your Sun if you were born in the daytime and the Moon if you were born at night.
The moon is Bound to it's ruler Mars. This is the reality of this point. I sometimes feel like I am negotiating a minefield because people are always, constantly hurting my feelings. I want to be myself (and I'm a little wacky I suppose) but being myself constantly puts me where I'm angry. My Moon is emotions and with Mars that emotion is often anger. (Mars is also about drive and energy, not always anger) The Trigon Ruler of 5 degrees Cancer is Venus.
Trigon Ruler = Theory
Bound Ruler =Experience
My ideal would be that everyone would love me, easy to see that with Venus as a ruler
What I read says that if the bound ruler and the trigon ruler have good aspects between each other then all is well.
Mine too, but I suppose all that means is that I live well with ambiguity. We all live with it. We all wish things were different. I live with my angry Moon by being quiet and keeping my radical thoughts to myself. I try to agree with others, even when I don't. I try to be sympathetic, emphatic and helpful. I guess that's what they mean by harmonious aspects. I've sort of worked it out.
I found this interesting and I hope other people will too. We have seen our dreams fall by the wayside and tried to live with what we had. Most of us try to be better people, I believe that. Some of us have aspects that make us wonder why we have to have hard lives, and we don't know any answers. It is interesting that astrology at least knows what our questions are.

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