Friday, April 23, 2010

Lunar Return Charts

It is interesting that you can go to and have them do a lunar return chart for free. This horoscope only lasts one month. With Venus in the 2nd house, my money problems are going away one can be sure. However what most people want to know about is their love life. This calls for a Venus return.
I searched for Ephermis and found one online for free. Venus returns to my degree of Scorpio on January 7, 2011. I now have a Venus return.
Venus is in the 12th house of secrets and behind the scenes action. This suggests a secret love affair or doing something you love in solitude. This suggests that a person might be lying low for awhile, and since Venus also represents our attractiveness, perhaps a time when people don't see or appreciate my talents or gifts.
The 12th house is secrets, things you do alone. This could be the novel I am working on. It is secret as no one will see it until it is completed. Venus represents art of all kinds, a book, a painting, a thing of beauty or beautifying. I might get plastic surgery!
Synastry, or how your chart shows your relationship is a breeze at Enter birth times and away you go.
Interestingly, my Sun is the same as my Hubby's North Node.
It means we are to help each other achieve.
The science of Synastry is one that everyone seems to be interested in.
Horary questions are a science of asking a specific question and hopefully the planets will show you the answer.
People have asked if there is life on other planets and also where did I leave my car keys?
In some way, I am to be like the person who explains our life. I am full of words and hubby has trouble expressing himself. I put things he feels into words for him. This I understand. The North Node being what he is trying to achieve is what I have already achieved with my Sun there. Weird, uh?
Astrology weekly is a site I recommend. Lots of answers there by people who all seem to live in Europe strangely enough.
May you all shine on.

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