Friday, September 7, 2012

The Newbie's Guide to Publishing

This blog is one I like. This guy is something of a perfectionist and a moralist. We should not ask friends to post reviews of our book on Amazon and things like that. I personally don't think all the reviews in the world will help a bad book, just ruin somebody's day. If however your book is good then okay. Who however is objective when it comes to their own work? Writers tend to think every word is solid gold. If you do have questions he answers them clearly. One of the things I always wanted to know is how much a writer makes, and boy does he answer that question! You get a clear idea of what is possible and how publishing works. It is a great blog. He appears to be the hardest working author on the planet. His heroine in Whiskey Sour is a person who is driven to do one thing above all else, catch the killer. In that way she is like the author himself. (These books are like the Stephanie Plum novels and just as fun to read) The theme is to relax a little and stop and smell the roses, something the author appears to be telling himself!
      The authors name is J. Konrath and he sells books on his blog and on Amazon. You're welcome.

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