Sunday, December 23, 2012

Knit and Wit

I am knitting up a storm and it has been zenlike. The peace and calm of slowly making something is unlike watching television, which was my usual pastime. I was told men do not knit. Well thier loss.There is so much out there online to learn. Videos help me the most because I guess it is easier seeing it done than long explanations. And it is much easier than I would have ever dreamed to do. Ribbing tickles me, it is like bong! It is so elastic. It is what holds up your socks people! Wow. You can have that cardigan blue and orange if you want it(I happen to love blue and orange) or any color when you make it yourself. When I lived is Alabama blue and orange were Auburn University colors and people thought I was supporting the football team. No, just love the color combination. But yarn is expensive as I have discovered. Who would have thunk making something yourself would cost more? I confess I pass on the cheap acrylic and run to cashmere and angora because I love it! Soft as a child's sweet dream and drapes besutifully. Mmmm... what to make next?

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