Friday, January 15, 2010

The Anaretic Degree or Extremes in Motion or Pink Floyd's Roger Barrett

The 29th degree of Leo is the Ascendant of Pink Floyd's guitarist Roger Barrett. His use of LSD in the 60's has been talked about and it's been said he was a victim of the times he was born in, for drug use among muscians at that time was at an all time high. What is interesting is that this 29th degree means "being at the end of one's rope" and for Barrett it was issues about identity or "who am I?" Your entire life is supposed to be focused on that point as well as bringing out the extremes of that point. Leo is all about self-expression so his whole life was about expressing himself and doing so vividly, (Leo rules show business).
It is called the degree of fate for it's karmic implications.
He also had Pluto in the 12th house even as Kurt Cobain did which implies living on the edge of an abyss, ever in danger of catastrophe, always with things hidden deep within the self.
Since houses always work in pairs then 2 houses come into play. For me, it is the second and the eighth houses. I thought this amusing if rather sad that these are the money houses in one's chart, for lack of money dogs me like cigarette smoking or a black cloud that follows only me. A smoker must have their cigarettes and chosing between cigarettes and food I've always chosen the former as any smoker knows. These houses also stand for things we value, including ourselves. Self-esteem issues dog me, for I don't want to think of such things; I don't want to think about money at all. Other sources say the 29th degree is one of wisdom and of the fullest expression of that sign, others say it is a place of indecision, of not knowing what to do. Astrologically speaking, things are uncertain and not well understood. Certainly we know some things, for me the important real world house called the second falls on the 29th degree of Sagittarius and the rest of the house is in Capricorn. Now Capricorn in the second house is considered very good, Capricorns are quite good with money and get value for their dollar. However I am not good with money at all. The second house also represents assets, this is the plus side of the equation, this is how we make our money. It is called the house of survival. Here I have Mercury. I don't have a Mercurian job I have a job ruled by Saturn as I work in a poultry plant. Saturn rules Capricorn. Small animals are ruled by the 6th house, the house of work. What does it all mean?
I think it means that in a sense I have failed. If there was a test I missed it, I was absent that day.
According to some astrologers the planet ruling the house is more important than any planets actually in the house, and so free-wheeling Sagittarius who can't hold on to a buck or anything but their own heads is the sign on the cusp. Sagittarians are ruled by generous Jupiter because God takes care of drunks and children and this sign needs all the help it can get. Luck comes into play for this sign and being saved at the last minute. Now a Jupiter ruled house can't be all bad, can it?
These 2 opposites of poverty and wealth are in my second house, Jupiter and Saturn. I see this in my life. I see unexpected good luck but a steady never-ending river of bad luck to swim in. I feel that I must, absolutely must get in control of my financial life or face ruin of dynamic proportions. I am literally on my own, there is no help for me from family or inheritance, or retirement I mean nothing. That sounds like Saturn to me.
In the end I think it is Saturn that influences the second house and not Jupiter and so the 29th degree does not seem to be doing it's karma for me, though money issues are extremely a problem for me. So to study this in the realm of personal experience I say Sagittarius doesn't rule my second house, Saturn does so the idea of cusp rulers is a bunch of crap. The Ascendant is the most important personal point in the chart so in Barrett's chart it might be a different story. The second house is interesting to me because survival is the first and most important thing after all, and it isn't hard to understand the second. I don't know a great many things but I know who signs my paycheck.

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