Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Tarot

I was given a deck of tarot cards at a young age and I have an opinion about these cards. You can also use a regular deck of cards to forsee the future, if you've a mind to do so. I think that time stands still in front of us sometimes for if the future was not already written then how could anyone see it? I just got a tarot reading online that was spot on, which shows me you don't have to have the actual cards in your hand for it to work. The cards "knew" what question I had asked, and that it was about work, but it's not the cards that know things. Who does? Why yourself of course.
I had a friend who told me that she had noticed that after you "cast" the cards over and over again that the cards ceased working, well your mind does get tired. Your subconcious seems to put the cards in their correct positions, telling you things you already know, just not consciously sometimes. You "find out" things you already sort of knew but were not acknowleding in this symbolic and lovely form. The cards aren't evil any more than it was true that witches can give you the evil eye as was believed for a century or more. People believed that someone could curse you just by looking at you. In a way, people's belief in the magic value of the tarot has me somewhat frustrated. It is magic in the sense that we all carry magic within ourselves. They don't make life better or worse, for much of life is just boring. I see a lot of hard work ahead for me, and I didn't need tarot cards to know that.

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