Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mediums on HBO

My take on the show was that some of the mediums were the real thing and some of them were not. They take your hand and tell you about your loved ones who have passed on and you can communicate with them. However amazing some of the things are they pick up, I wonder if they plucked it from the minds of those sitting in front of them rather than the dead.
Telepathy, says those in the know has been proven again and again. However talking to those who have passed on has not.
My best friend and I had the habit of calling each other at the same time and getting a "busy" signal. We did that so much we laughed about it for years. I thought I could tell by the ringing of the phone that it was her. We were so well-suited to one another and so in synch, that I am amazed now to think that I didn't think a thing of it. I've never met a friend who liked everything I liked and enjoyed hearing me talk on and on and on.....So it's telepathy I find easy to believe in.
People who've never lived in a haunted house find it difficult to believe in ghosts, so I guess we have to experience things before we believe. I get it, but I find it tougher to think how horrible it is if it is not true what these mediums do.
So how do people under hypnosis speak in other languages? Well I see it and believe something is happening, I just don't know what. How does it work?
I think perhaps that is our internal cockiness, that we know we do not die deep inside, that is our arrogance and true faith. That is what mediums offer, confirmation that we go on and live, just in another place.

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