Friday, July 23, 2010

Pallas, Vesta and Chiron in Astrology

Astrology seems to always have something new and the explosion of knowledge about Chiron is one example. Said to tell of where we are psychically wounded, it always tells of where we can find our greatest talents and strengths. Look at me. I am a writer. I have Chiron in Aquarius in the third house, exactly the same placement as Robin Williams although I haven't his sense of humor. Aquarius always speaks of something unusual and the 3rd house is above all the house of communication. There is more in my chart about the difficulty I've always had with talking to people or communicating.
I have the Sun in the middle of Mercury and Saturn, so my Sun is a blend of Mercury and Saturn. If there is a planet at a midpoint this is very important. Any Mercury Saturn aspect represents blockage and frustration. I have an aspect between Mercury and Pluto, which represents a childhood in which words would used cruelly or with the desire to dominate and intimidate the child. Mercury occupies however my 2nd house of assets. So the planet of communication is my greatest asset! Whew! So, am I any good at it, at writing? Where in my chart am I competent?
The asteroid that shows what you are good at is Pallas. I have Pallas in the 3rd house of communication. Pallas is very useful when looking at charts.
The asteroid that shows where you want to work hard is Vesta. I have Vesta conjunct Mercury. Once again work, communication and Mercury are linked.
My Arabic lot of Exaltation is Virgo. Virgo represents the secretary, the maid, the accountant, the sort of detailed work and preciseness my father did for a living as an engineer. Virgo is ruled by Mercury.
If you have your chart done at you will see the x in a circle which means the Path to Fortune. What planets aspect the path of fortune are those which will help you achieve success. Mine own aspects Mercury and Jupiter in the 10th in Libra. What does this mean?
It means a Mercurial or Jupiterian career, career is also indicated by planets in the 10th. Libra is an artistic sign so this means an artistic career. Mercury in Capricorn, well Capricorn is a sign with drive and ambition and it's also an earth sign. The sign of Capricorn doesn't seem to be about a career as a writer at all, but I remember that the sign is our style of communicating and not what we chose to communicate about. What sign Mercury is in won't tell us what our career will be, rather it will say how we will talk to our co-workers when we get there. Mercury to some degree is about our intelligence however and what we are smart at processing with our communicating.
Chiron is the most interesting at all. It's said what we are bad at in Chiron in our early life is what is our greatest talent later on. Malcom X couldn't read or write until he went to prison. He couldn't understand the words so he asked for a dictionary. He started writing down the dictionary starting with the letter A. He became a great speaker and writer of several books. He became famous. The fact he couln't read or write brought him down to being a criminal early in life, and then became his greatest asset later in life. It's a great thing, Chiron. Since Chiron orbits between cosmic Uranus and down-to-earth Saturn it is thought that Chiron is a bridge between spiritual gifts and the realities of life threatening to crush our spirits. Some astrologers think we have an advantage over those who lived without Chiron, the discovery of something is linked to it's usefullness and our awareness of it. So even if Chiron and Pluto existed before, they were not making an impression on people's birth charts. Chiron and Pluto say we can transform ourselves and live a better life on a more spiritual plane. The emphasis seems to be on self improvement. We don't know ourselves very well, as Malcom X could have told you. He had no idea until he went to prison the great thoughts that he could think once he had the leisure time and inclination to think them. I think for many of us, we have hidden potential and astrology can be a clue to opening up that treasure box.

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