Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Midlist and Holly Lisle

Midlist is supposed to mean those books and authors who are not at the top and not at the bottom but in the middle and it's dying I hear. These are the quirky books off the beaten path and I didn't know they were dying, I just know that books nowadays seem like they are all the same. Still we do have books like Watership Down and we have Kurt Vonnegut of course but the idea is we should have more, for readers like me who read about 80 books a year or more finding a good book is much harder than the occasional reader can imagine. So what can we do about it? Nothing of course except buy as best we can but if you Google Holly Lisle she says she is trying to do something about it. I can't find one of her books where I live but she appears to write a lot of fantasy and has a sort of help struggling writers classes.
The way she writes as if she is talking to you is refreshing to me, this lady was a nurse at one time before she was a writer and she confides in you the mistakes that she made. Her no nonsense and matter of fact approach is like a balm to my nerves and I must concede I think her truthful for I read much of the same on other writing sites.
For once you have been swept away by a mere book then you know how special this may be and how we want more, for though we may be average I'm pretty sure our dreams are not.

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