Thursday, December 3, 2009

Algol the Demon's Eye

Algol seems to be a star associated with catastrophes but also feminine energy that brings creativity to people. Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones has his Moon on Algol. He wrote songs like "Under My Thumb" and "Stray Cat" that were not very nice towards women at all. The Stones have never wrote songs about romantic love. There is one song titled "Stupid Girl". A previous member of the Stones who died in their early years was Brian Jones, who had Uranus on Algol in his birth chart. Jones, who Richards says really made his mark and that he knew of 15 children at the very least that Jones had fathered, was always going from one relationship to another. Johnny Depp has his Venus on Algol and I don't know about his love life. There are also some scientists who were brilliant with planets conjunctioning Algol. Uranus is the planet of genius and when it is on Algol it is an indicator of genius, but of genius so great they may be rather freakish. All of this doesn't go with the idea of Algol being bad luck always, it may not be a bad energy, rather one that is intense and hard to handle. It appears to be a creative energy in the chart.
Diana Rosenberg has written a book about stars which I want to own badly says,
"Some of the fixed stars are harsh, yes....stars confer tasks upons us which, if comprehended and accepted offer great rewards of power and creativity." John Lennon had a planet on Algol, and his violent death is often associated with his having a birth planet on Algol. Also the star Facies is in his chart, a star it is said means a violent death. Well I have Facies, so if I die a violent death I am a believer for sure.
What I read about the stars I take the information with the proverbial grain of salt. Some things even professional astrologers seem to get wrong. I mean it seems to me that something is going on with these stars, that Algol makes one creative may be the only thing I can say for sure.
I must add one thing, I got interested in Algol because my hubby has his Sun on Algol in the 1st house. Now the 1st house represents the physical body, and Algol here on the Sun means a lot of accidents. I read an ancient text translation that said, "If the Sun be with Algol and Mars is also with Gemini, the hands and feet will be cut off." Strange, my husband had his foot amputated after a load of posts fell on him. He also injured his back vertabrae. He is always damaging his hands, but then he works with his hands so perhaps that is reasonable. It gave me a shiver to read that, it was close enough to what had actually happened in his life. His Mars is in Gemini. It also says if the Sun be with Algol then you have this ability to conquer your enemies. He has this amazing ability to win arguments and come out ahead I must say. Now Taurus is called Taurus the builder and my hubby has the ability to build anything, he uses wood. People bring him old wood all the time. He is well liked and people give him things, it seems to me they do so partly because of a sense of compassion. They just kind of feel sorry for him. Sorry he has had such a lousy life and that he is an amputee. Algol is in Taurus so if you are a Taurus then you might have this star on your Sun. It is given a 5 degree orb because it is a powerful triple star. Oh yeah, his Lot of Acquisiton is in Pisces, that most compassionate of signs ruling the lot of how you acquire things. He gets things because people have sympathy for him. Astrology just has these amazing predictions that happen to be correct. He also has me, who supports him. I went out with him because, yeah, I felt sympathy for this man who had lost a leg.
Also things miss, like my Lot of Acquisition is in Aries and Mars is there in Aries which means I should take in quite a bit. I don't. Anyway, Mars here means you get what you get by robbery or sports. Or it can mean the things you get, like you collect sports memorabilia and weapons. Mars is the God of War after all. Or it could be as Ms. Rosenberg says when she writes that a planet conjunct a fixed star takes on the qualities of that star permanently, from birth to forever. My Mars is conjunct a Mercurian star which rules the mind. So maybe that explains how I am more likely to collect books than I am to collect guns.
My chart also says I will be famous and perhaps rich, still waiting for that one.
My powerful Mars may have a lot to say about why I take something no one likes and defend it, like say for instance, astrology.

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