Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Predicting the Future

I have been bushwrangled and sidetracked by Astrology from other things I should be doing, but I don't think it has been a waste of time at all or anything like that. Personality, temperament and abilities seem to be shown by astrology very well and I have not been interested in it's alleged ability to see the future and uh....fortune telling.
I was astonished that my future may actually be bright after all, since I've studied triplicity rulers and the Moon will rule my life soon. I can't help but feel hopeful. To study your chart is to see those things that are good for you through the planets and what you need to stay away from. If you were born in the daytime Mars is the villian, if you were born at night it is Saturn. Mars seems to create enemies and Saturn seems to cripple you in some way. Say you have Mars ruling the 12th house (which is in Aries), a Mars that is in the 10th house. The 10th is our reputation and our career. The 12th represents jails, hospitals, things that are hidden, things done in solitude. I am talking about the horoscope of Mae West, who had Mars like this. Her vaudeville act was so obscene that she would be thrown in jail, she had enemies. This being thrown in jail damaged her reputation. Later in life her triplicity ruler became Venus instead of Mars and that was when she became famous. (I got this from "The Five Pillars of Fate" book by A. Garth.)
The 10th house is very important, it is our career and our reputation. It is a very lucky house. The house that is 10 houses away from your Lot of Fortune is very lucky and has to do with the same things, career and reputation.
I will tell you about myself (which is all I know at this point) and that is that when Mars ruled my first 28 years I got bad will from others because Mars rules my 12th house. Nevertheless I was born at night so Mars is not a bad planet for me, what was bad was that it ruled the evil 12th house. I seemed to only make friends with bad people, jealous or manipulative people all the time. I despaired of ever meeting a nice guy too.
When Venus became my ruler I was 28 years old and I still had the same job I'd had for years-but I started to hate my job. I quit and couldn't find anything except work as a waitress. My boss treated me badly. Venus rules my house of work and servitude, the evil 6th house. My triplicity ruler was ruining my work life. I applied for jobs all over the place but could not get a good job. I work now at a poultry plant, which is the best job I've had I am sorry to say. The thing is, the 6th rules small animals like chickens. I find that amusing. The 6th is like how are you a slave? I am a slave in that I have to do this job and they are a little rough on you. The 6th speaks to you of servitude and enslavement, it might be good and it might be bad but it will be in bad spirit. The 6th is a evil spirited house. For some the evil spirit will not be even noticeable, for me I notice it. Also my 6th is the 12th house from my Lot of Fortune, so it is kind of double curses on me.
My Moon is in the 8th house. The bad houses are the 6th, 8th and 12th. The planets that rule a nighttime birth are the Moon, Mars and Venus. My planets all rule bad houses, houses with bad spirits as Mr. Garth says. But I cannot say my life isn't worth a jar of poo dug up at midnight from a graveyard at All Hallow's Eve. (Joking!) All of us have these houses and all of us have some bad spirit in our lives, but we also have good spirit in the 5th and the 11th. The planets position in your chart can tell you a great deal, are they in good houses or not?
So all of this leads me to believe in some kind of luck, not like gambling luck where you will always eventually lose and the casino will get rich but not you, but luck that is fate. Fate as in no matter what you do you cannot change it, fate as written in ancient texts by ancient Greeks, fate as in I should forget some things because no matter what, and I don't know how or when or why, some things are just bad.
I have Saturn in conjunction with the Sun. Astrologically, this means I doubt myself. Confidence is something I don't know what it's like to have. I have attempted to change this in the past, now I believe it is fate. I have always been like this, I am always going to be like this and so what? I write like someone whistling while they walk past a graveyard, in defiance of a constant feeling inside that what I write ain't worth that check you get in the mail made out for a million dollars. I live and pretend it ain't so. I get by okay.
I write because I have gotten praise for it and it delights me more than ice cream with whipped cream. I need it like breath. With astrology I can say that Saturn is here, it explains the unexplainable and it does it so beautifully. Fate is hugging me tight and squeezing the breath out of me.
On every life falls a graceful note so it hardly seems fair of me to complain. I've got a real appreciation of things other people don't even understand, an emotional base from Venus and the Moon. I can love things, be crazy about things like Tori Amos. She is great. She carries me away to addresses not in the phone book.
I think there is balance. You get bad and you get good in a balance in life. I got a lot of bad in one area because I got a lot of good in another I believe. I can look at my chart and what I see that is good are the aspects between the Moon and Venus and Neptune. This is my magic, all these trines and quintiles aspecting these 3 planets. The planets of artists and musicians very often. They present their good faces to me because of their good aspects. There is fate and there are some things you can change and some things you cannot.
The Moon receives and is passive.
The Sun gives and is active.
I am a Moon person because I was born at night and because the Moon aspects every other planet except Mercury. I think it may be that most of our fortune can be told, it appears so to me.
So I guess I'll wait on the Moon, she will be my chart ruler. I am interested to see what may happen.

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