Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Scorpio Rising

Having recently realized that my birth certificate was incorrect and I am actually a Scorpio rising, I am pointing fingers at my silly self for taking so long to figure it out. Called the "Razor's Edge" ascendant because it is so very difficult and makes for a difficult life. Having worked once in Labor & Delivery I know they often put the birth time as whenever they get to sit down and write in the chart, which may be as long as 20 minutes later. Also, people tend to round numbers up, so 2:51 becomes 3:00. Also, the stars have moved after a couple of thousand years and the stars in Aries are now in Taurus. However I think the signs still valid. It has been remarked that these Aries stars being in Taurus has made them more peaceful and generally cooled down, which makes a sort of sense when you think about it.
However when you look up your fixed stars on the site Constellation of Words then the stars are where she says they are, (generally one sign away from where ancient people saw them).
The Rising Sign is important because it's ruler is the ruler of your chart. With a Sagittarius rising my ruler was Jupiter, with a Scorpio rising then my ruler is Mars as the ancient ruler or co-ruled or ruled by Pluto now in modern times. To make things more confusing the ruler of your part of fortune is said to rule the chart. Okay.
There was research that showed that the planet that was the closet to the midheaven influenced choice of career, but I understand that planet has to be 8 degrees or less away from the midheaven point. The midheaven is that dark line at the top of your chart. If there is no planet 8 or less degrees away then you go with the ruler of the 10th house. Mine is Virgo so the ruler is Mercury. It is amusing, if you have a toddler or a young one at home, to look at their chart and think of what they might be when they grow up. I am still waiting to grow up myself and still waiting on that career in communications that was foretold for me by Mercury, but even astrology cannot overcome serious screw ups such as myself. Venus at the midheaven fortells a career in something that gives pleasure and is female oriented, artistic careers usually. Jupiter foretells that whatever the career is, it will be big, big, big, 'cause Jupiter means bigness and if Jupiter is close to the midheaven astrologers say you're going to have good luck with your career for forever you lucky person. Even a bad planet at the midheaven isn't bad, 'cause the nobility of being there is transforming to Mars or Saturn. They are improved the stronger they are in astrology, if that makes any sense. A Mars in his home sign of Aries is a happy Mars, or in his exalted sign of Capricorn. (No one can figure out how Mars is exalted in the cold sign of Capricorn, the ancient astrologers say it is so. Like so much in astrology, we don't understand how they figured this stuff out.) Robert Hand is an astrologer who spends a lot of time looking up ancient writings and translating them. I was amused to see him finally on television commenting on, of all things, Nostradomus.
Einstein had Hamal in his chart, this star is known for making people independent. Einstein certainly went against convention in his math, which nobody cared about except other mathmeticians. Einstein couldn't believe how many people were interested in his work and in himself, when they couldn't possibly understand his equations. Other children were born at the same time as Einstein, and they didn't become Einsteins. That is true. I think it is our nature being made in the stars, not our intelligence. My 16 year old has Hamal at 6 degrees of Taurus on her Moon, and independant she certainly is. She works part time and buys her own clothes and stuff. It remains to be seen how being independant will show up in her life.

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