Saturday, May 9, 2009

Alton Brown

Alton Brown likes power tools and cooking and why not? He is a guy who tries to understand cooking with science. Never mind that for millions of us women cooking is the job we most dislike, the daily grind of it day after day wondering again and again what in the world to feed your family. The terrible sinking feeling you get when your family does not like what you have made that makes you reach for the same tried and true but boring recipies over and over. Never mind all that. You are watching Alton Brown and for him cooking is fun.
There is a show on Food Network called "You Could be the Next Food Network Star". On that show Alton Brown says you have 10 seconds to grab the attention of your audience, and if you don't they will not watch your program. Alton Brown does that in a bizarre fashion, getting himself thrown out of places or being attacked by lawyers or giant squid. I really liked the show about avocados, did you know you can make healthy cake frosting out of avocados because they are very much like butter? I liked it when he threw the avocados at all the heart surgeons, symbolically chasing them away with a healthy food choice. That is an image you won't soon forget. Avocados are the good kind of fat and made for us people who just love fat like me, the heart friendly kind. When presented with a question off the subject of what the show is about he always says, "But that's another show."
Alton Brown is a self-made star, putting a show on the internet and a food network executive happened to see it and like it. The show is a perfect expression of himself because he made it, all by himself, long before he was ever on television, he made it the way he wanted it to be. Now we have the show "Good Eats" and I love it and not because I love to cook because I don't especially. What I do love is Alton Brown.

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