Friday, May 8, 2009

Writing Bananas

What do people want? You want to please your readers.
Maybe what people want is bananas.
No one at my house asks for me to buy bananas, yet if I buy bananas they are so quickly eaten that sometimes I don't get a banana at all. You want your prose to be like filet mignon, rich and steamy and meaty, and if you ask people what they want it is filet mignon but really it is far too heavy and rich for them and requires too much concentration and thinking. Maybe what people want is bananas, something familiar and comforting in that familiarity that they can gobble up without thinking. It is somewhat bland but with a hint of the comedic and just a touch of the tropics. You know exactly what you are getting when you bite into a banana, you are not suprised and you are not confused. We want something completely new they say and yet if you give it to them they will not read it. Sometimes I think I ask too much of my writing, demanding that it be filet mignon when what people want, what they really, really want, may be a simple banana. Sometimes the simple things are what enrich your life the most. I do not think any less of writing that is not perfect, what I want is to be caught up into the story and have a light moment in a life that is all too often contains too many worries and I think maybe that is what other people want too. The reason I read books is simply that reading is fun. Don't you?

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