Sunday, May 10, 2009

Twelth House of Secrets

I have studied the 12th house of the horoscope with some feelings of wonder and awe. It is not a place that is easily understood and you will find interpretations that seem to emphasize good things and others that empasize bad. There is one thing for certain, and that is the 12th house is most about secrets, including secrets we keep from ourselves.
We do not know how the ancients figured all this astrology stuff out. It is often thought that they did it one person at a time, and finding things true for all people born in certain months at certain times. We don't know how they did it but looking at the 12th house we can come to some conclusions of our own from the people we know.
The 12th is about imprisonment, hospitals, confinement and receiving what is due us from our karma. Okay the 12th is also about the collective unconcious, things done in solitude, what the public thinks, things that are hidden from others. Now this covers a lot of ground. It has also been said that the 12th is a money house!
Look at the horoscope of Paul Lynde, the guy from Hollywood Squares and Bewitched. He has his Moon in the 12th in Cancer. Cancer is all about the home and family and it is said that a little known fact known only by Lynde's closet friends is that he was a gourment chef. Lynde had a powerful horoscope for success despite the fact that he was a homosexual the public loves him.
Look at the horoscope of Barbara Streisand. She has Venus in the 12th house. Now Venus is about things that you buy to please yourself like jewelry or clothes and it also represents money itself. It is said that the 12th house has no boundaries and that this money planet in the 12th represents billionaires and people who are amazingly wealthy. In addition it represents someone who hides the love and affection that they feel for others.
A contradiction is the 12th is the public and also secrets. How can that be?
I think of it like this: Ms. Streisand is loved by the public and you are beautiful in your life wherever your Venus is. For instance, if Venus is in the first house ruling the physical body you have a beautiful appearance. Venus is in the first house for Angelina Jolie. However what is secret for her is her love life and hasn't she been single and not married most of her life? Venus in the 12th would be an aspect of someone who finds it extremely difficult to tell someone that you love them. It is an aspect also of someone who loves solitude and making decisions all by theirself and without anyone telling them what to do. It is someone who finds difficult to hug and kiss and if they do they do it in private. Venus may be the planet of money, but it is also the planet of love.

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