Monday, May 11, 2009


There is a vast amount of female bonding that goes on when you talk about diets. I find that I still talk about it even though I no longer need to diet. What is strange is that you can be as thin as Kate Moss and talk animately about dieting and no one will think a thing about it. I have been on any number of weird diets and healthy ones too but the one that worked for me I guess you would call it the "rice" diet.
I happen to love rice. Is that the reason for my success? I don't know, I know that I added butter to every portion I ate and it didn't matter. I still lost weight steadily. In Asia where they might be eating rice only they say you are hungry again in 2 hours and I think that is pretty much correct. When you diet you are always wanting to eat, and it seems that with rice you can always be eating and still lose pounds. Why did this diet work for me and not the grapefruit diet or the low fiber diet or that diet where you eat only meat? I do not know. I also ate brown rice, which fills you up so fast because of the bran. It tastes nutty to me, but actually I prefer the white rice I grew up eating. I must say that I was not really trying to diet, not very seriously at all and yet that was when I had the most success. I had sweets in the house, I ate doughnuts for breakfast. I think that when these things are there, it is better than not there. What I mean is you are not in a state of deprivation. There is a chocolate cake right there and if you want some cake then by all means eat it. I've learned that to eat well one evening does not mean that your diet is wrecked. I really think that diets do not work, that I really wasn't dieting, I just happened to get on the scale and see a tiny drop of 3 pounds and decided to continue eating rice.
Is there a "Rice" diet? Maybe, I don't know. There is one for me.

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