Monday, May 11, 2009

Target Your Audience

I think it quite funny that Google wants me to find my audience. How am I supposed to do that? Anyone can have a blog, this one is mine and if anyone reads it that is up to them. It makes me feel like a corporation or something, tagging my audience like so much wildlife, giving me statistics for how many people view my blog on any given day. Face it, most blogs really are not that good and I think were written just for family & close friends so that doesn't matter. I think that we as writers start with what we love. Here we are, in solitude, writing perhaps for months before anyone lays eyes on it, and then find to our surprise sometimes that other people like it too. As Stephen King said, you cannot target your audience and launch success like a heat seeking missle. Success and creative stuff doesn't work like that. Oh, what a terrible place the world would be if it did!

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