Saturday, June 20, 2009

The F word

There is always a big discussion everywhere I go about the f word and whether it should be in books and whether people shouldn't be instructed not to say it. I say "Yes".
I know that people do say this word, I can't help but knowing it but it is always someone who seems to need a visit from Dear Abby and her common sense advice about manners. I instantly give people who use this word a lot of room and no, I don't want to know them any better than I have to.
A word is always changing as the world uses it, new words are added to the dictionary every year but this word's meaning has the rank smell of the gutter. I am lower middle-class, and if I drop a cast iron skillet on my toe the word that instantly comes to my mind is shit, sorry, that's just the way it is. This is because of the way I was raised and the word itself is never, ever visualized. I don't object to the word, I object to the word's meaning. If I did pick up a book with this word in it then I would know that at least one of the characters would be particularly virulent, like some viruses. I might still read the book, but with a sense of disappointment perhaps that I didn't have a better book,
I remember reading Fear of Flying with a sense all through it that it could've been much, much better. It is by no means a bad book or an evil book or anything like that. I feel instead that it could have been better, but maybe that's just me. It seems to me that the character in these books constantly complain about who she is married to, like perfect husband or even acceptable mate eludes her. This is a book with a lot of the f word I think, or maybe I'm remembering wrong. I do remember there was a lot of hum, passion in her books, she even wrote one about Shakespeare. I am of course speaking about Erica Jong.
Asmiov said once that he didn't understand why people bought his books because they didn't have any "fooling around" in them. I found that amusing. He said that he didn't want to write anything that he would be ashamed for his mom and dad to read, as they wanted to read everything their talented son wrote. So that was why his books were without um, passion, I just figured it was his natural writing personality. Asmiov was one writer who enjoyed the process of writing itself, I am told that most don't.
Anyway that is just my opinion.

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