Saturday, June 27, 2009

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson has passed away and all the music he might have made is gone too. I hate it when people say bad things about him, and also that he was not normal. There was little about his childhood that was normal, so why should he have been normal? He talked so openly about himself and that bothered me. People don't do that. I think that he was surrounded by people who never told him when he did something wrong or out of the ordinary and so he didn't know his limits. A child must be taught things, but poor Michael was always working. As he said, once your childhood is gone it is gone forever.
He called his father a sort of genius because he found success for his sons, I think maybe the success came because of the talent of these guys. They said they put Michael out front 'cause he was the little guy. That is just so cute, they loved their little brother and recognized the talent that he had. I was very sad when I heard that he had passed away because of a heart attack and I hope that, wherever he is now, that he is happy.

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