Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pluto in astrology

This is a Hubble image of Pluto and moons. Edgar Cayce predicted that Pluto would become more & more powerful and indeed it has. Astrologers say they can't imagine doing a chart without Pluto. Pluto has to do with our deepest desires, isn't it so right that my Pluto is in the 9th house that rules publishing? My deep wish is to become a writer. Pluto also says where we want to dominate others or where other people may dominate us.
This is funny. My father was constantly giving me these lectures about what to believe. He was truly trying to dominate me when it came to my philosophy. Your belief systems are ruled by the 9th house. He would say, "Now do you believe it?" He wanted me to believe that people were evil and bad. I should add that my father was abusive & not a normal father. Weary and tired of the argument I would agree with him. This is not lying I've come to believe. This is saying what you have to say to survive. Pluto is about these kind of dark things that you have to do to get by.
Pluto tears things down and wipes the slate clean and you have to start over. Pluto is now transiting Capricorn which means my 2nd house. Since this house is about your possessions then perhaps I will lose everything I own, maybe but maybe not. The transits of the planets sometimes only make sense after they are over and months from now I may understand that instead I've come to regard my possessions in a totally different way. I'm trying to say that astrology is not what it seems in many cases, but that doesn't make it wrong. Since Pluto is in a weak place in my horoscope perhaps, Pluto is not as powerful perhaps. I just don't know.
As we walk in this mystery that is life, we feel that there are patterns we can see. I see that every man I run into is a sort of "macho" type who thinks women are there to serve him. This is a pattern. We know that some of us succeed and some of us seem to fail at every thing we try to do. We know that others have blind spots but we can't see our own. Some of us are constantly misunderstood and we can't explain ourselves so in the end we just say nothing. Some of us are silent and unknown for the majority of our lives, some of us push others out of the way just to get on the stage and into the spotlight. We have children and discover they already have a personality when they are born and we don't know why. Few of us can see ourselves as we truly are, and many of us do things and then wonder why we did them. Astrology is about everything and it is about finding out stuff out we would never have stopped to think about otherwise.

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