Friday, June 5, 2009


There once was an island where a group of sailors had been marooned. They found a small animal to hunt and they lived that way and also on coconuts. The Spainish who stopped at the island to clean the hulls of their ships were quite annoyed by this group, they were always ready to steal something from the ship or begging for whatever they could get. This situation went on for some time and the Spainish became increasingly annoyed. One day it was decided that since they lived on this animal that they could shoot all these animals and the people would die because there would be nothing for them to eat. Problem solved.
Well, not quite. It turned out that the people didn't want to just lay down and die. They, quite unreasonably, wanted to live and they would do anything to do so. They swarmed a Spanish ship and some of them died but there were enough of them to overcome the Spainards and take over the ship.
This is the origin of pirates and how they came to be.
You think that what other people's problems are do not effect you, but in fact if you think very hard about it we are all interconnected. You think that if your next door neighbor loses his job and has nothing to eat that it has nothing to do with you, that you have a job and you're just glad that you're not him. People will accept a great amount of deprivation as long as they can live. However, when you are faced with dying you will do anything not to die. It is in our genes this command that we, no matter what it takes, survive. Pirates went on to be the scourge of the Spainish Main and why not? The Spainish had meant for them to die and actually took away their means to survive.
So it is with some horror that I see our population growing by leaps and bounds, and I wonder how long we can sustain so many. Still, there is nothing I myself can do about it. They say we will soon see a change at our supermarkets, that the most popular foods will be planted and the stuff that is maybe a bit unusual and not eaten so often will disappear from the shelves. Corn they say may be the crop that will feed the world, no other plant brings so much to eat per acre. Experts say that future generations may be sustained by corn.
Oh well, I always did like corn.

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