Sunday, June 28, 2009


Venus is love. She represents all things that please us, one of those things is money. What jewelry we like, whether we openly hug and kiss or save affection until we have privacy, if we love forever or just for a season, all these things are under the kind rulership of Venus. I chuckle when I read these things assigned to Sun signs, silly people, you need to know what sign your Venus is in.
Venus in Aries will be instant action without thinking about it, very living in the moment and probably very physical. Venus in Taurus is very sensual as Taurus is an earth sign and will have a love nature that is constant and long lasting. Venus in Gemini will love to talk, Gemini is all about communication, they love with their minds first. Venus in Scorpio will sometimes be very jealous and want to know everything about who they love and will love deeply. Venus in Leo brings drama to any romance and Venus in Virgo will have a love that longs to serve, a clean crisp love with any eye for details. Venus in Sagittarius wants friendship with love and freedom in relationships. Venus in Capricorn has great pride and their big secret is that love is as important to them as it is to anyone else. Venus in Libra wants soft lighting and going out socially and talking only about pleasant subjects and forget arguing-who wants to do that? Aquarian Venetians want a partner who is unusual, and can easily do a relationship in which you don't see each other very often. Venus in Pisces can sacrifice a lot for love and may pick a partner who is beneath them and do everything for them. Venus in Cancer is one who wants to cook for you and do everything for you just like your mom. They mother those they love. Venus in Cancer likes to be at home, and making that home warm, safe, and comfortable.
Venus was a goddess who could be jealous if she was not worshipped. She was beautiful, and flowers grew where she walked. Venus is all about beauty and how we love. My Venus is in the 12th house, which means I enjoy doing things in solitude. I think this a perfect placement for a writer.
Jupiter in good aspect to Venus brings money luck, we do know that. Venus is about pleasure too and what pleases us. As a Venus in Scorpio I go for vivid colors and all things gothic and things that have a meaning attached to them. Never mind that my Sun sign is Sagittarius, that doesn't matter. This does mean that the intense jealousy that usually goes with Venus in Scorpio is not as bad for me as it would be if say, my Sun sign was Scorpio also. Scorpio can also be the most loving of signs to have a placement in once Scorpio feel secure and loved, and all that intensity that Scorpio has can then go into more productive channels. Scorpios can overcome challenges that would kill other people and can be the most loving and giving people, this sign has been talked about very badly. Scorpio just feel things very intensely and it scares people. Love is serious business to a Scorpio, believe me I know.

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