Saturday, July 4, 2009

How To Write?

Wanna be writers are always asking published authors how they write, when they write, how many pages a day, and on and on and on. It seems we are seeking some secret formula, some kind of path to follow. Listening, I see there is no way to do it and that's that. I am still mightily interested in how someone does it, such a marvelous thing to do and how do they make it real what is mostly fiction?
If anything Stephen King seems to be somewhat down to earth at times and at others someone kinda wonderstruck himself. He has said many strange things, or what I would call strange. He has said that in writing something he makes it impossible to really happen, he has said that he has this freakish thing in him. Well I guess if you suddenly find yourself in possession of 3 million dollars in 3 years, you might be a little disconcerted. If I can put in my own 2 cents I would say it is precisely that he writes for himself that is the reason for his success. Can I do it? No, I'm saying that is what he did, that he had this mindset, this shy and reserved personality, and he found he could write and he did it and nevermind what anyone thinks. Horror was dead when he arrived but it is as old as time and campfires. Anyone, approaching from a new direction, can make new what was old in writing I believe. Wasn't the horror in Carrie really that fact that people are so awful to a few in school? Who hasn't known such people during their own school years?
It's interesting to note that there seems to be more writers writing in the morning than there are night owls. There are writers who have written entire books and never mailed them out, now that is interesting. There are writers who are combining genres and I think what comes of that is bound to be interesting. It is amusing how many books have been written on yellow legal pads (got to try that). It is amusing how older writers cling to their old typewriters. It is amusing how many How To Write books are written by those never published, and it is interesting how many writers go for a walk when they need an idea. Writing is a creative endeavor, and you don't need a high I.Q. to do it. Paper and pen and you're in business. I love that. Anyone, anytime, can try to do it. Here it is the 4th of July, and what can be more democratic than that?

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