Wednesday, July 8, 2009


They say before Eve that Adam had a wife named Lilith. I guess that wasn't in the King James version of the Bible I grew up reading. There is a connection to the Moon in astrology, and no less that 3 Liliths. One is called the Black Moon, and one is a point in space exactly opposite your Moon on your chartweel and there is an asteroid named Lilith. She is the feminine energy and is often characterized as evil or jealous and the woman scorned. In the world us females may feel weak, but in astrology and in the cosmic world feminine is equal to masculine and in fact just as powerful. I grew up in a household in which females had little power and I was taught this was the way things were meant to be by my mother. Once when I was 18 she told me a great big secret, men have a powerful sex drive that they cannot control and makes it almost impossible for them to think clearly. What a lesson! Women, she said, were the people in the world who had sense.
While my mom was teaching me the superiority of men she was believing privately in the superiority of women!
Lilith's meaning may not at all be clear yet, astrologers are discovering her just as they discovered Chiron in the seventies.
For me with Lilith in the 3rd house of communication and daily activities I read that I have a messy house! I do indeed but is that the meaning of Lilith? Is she nothing more than bad luck?
Lilith does seem to show us one of our weak spots, my hubby has Lilith in the 7th house. He seems to have gone through life arguing and fighting constantly with the women he is involved with. The 7th is about our romantic partners and I am perplexed by this man who seems to think women cause all the problems in the world. Lilith is the woman who doesn't do what he wants her to do and yet at the same time he will have no other kind of woman than an independent and strong-willed woman. (His Venus is in Aries) I guess I was born for the purpose of teaching my hubby about women, because his ideas have changed radically over the years. I no longer think much about his education, I've drawn lines in the sand and he knows not to cross them with me. There is only so much you can do I've learned. I know things. I can tell you what I know, but your experiences have made a deeper lesson than any words can teach. For instance, fear is something you might read about constantly in books and see in movies, but you don't know fear until you're running through the woods away from a hatchet murderer. Your cells remember. What my hubby remembers is that women have hurt him and that I cannot change.
The 3rd house is the house of communication, it's opposite is the 9th house of higher education and publishing. Gemini is the natural ruler of the 3rd, Sagittarius rules the 9th. I believe Lilith to be a lot like Pluto. It is a point of strength and a point of weakness.
Lilith is where I am strong, and that is in communication. I can make complicated things clear and make simple things complicated, it must be a sort of talent but it's one that people don't seem to want to hear. Rather it seems people want to hear what they expect to hear-no wonder that people get bored! Maybe that is why people get drunk at parties, they can say the unexpected and blame it on the Tequila or the Jack Daniels!
I realize that there are more people than in my little corner of the world and hopefully things are different elsewhere, farmers do seems to talk of nothing but the weather!
Lilith is the wild feminine principal, she will protect her children with her life and not think twice about it. She is dark and capable of vengefullness and sarcasm and make someone's life miserable if she chooses but she is not evil. She is us, everyone of us.

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