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The Aries Point

There are four cardinal signs in your chart, Cancer, Libra, Aries and Capricorn. These are the signs who start things. These signs represent where we begin projects. Where Aries is in your chart seems to be particulary important. Aries is Spring and the first sign of the zodiac. For example Aries rules my 5th house, the house of creative projects. This is where I begin projects. I am not so good at finishing what I start I'm sorry to say.
The Aries point is zero degrees of any one of the cardinal signs. There are lots of famous people with planets at this degree. When I got ready to blog however I could not locate any chart except my own chart with a planet on the Aries point. If you have a planet on the Aries point there are those who say you have mystical powers, that you express this point to the world. Another place that expresses itself outward are the four angles in your chart. The dark lines that cross in a chart represent the angles of a chart, these are called "wide open doors". Any planet on this angle is expressed strongly and most purely. I can tell you of a celebrity with a planet on the Ascendant and that is Angelina Jolie. She has Venus as the planet in the sky when she drew her first breath, and Venus in the first house gives beauty both inside and outside.
As you can see I have Jupiter in zero degrees of Libra, and this is what I am supposed to be all about. It is supposed to give success and though I am not successful I think I kind of am in a way. A powerful Jupiter gives one an almost magical attraction for you from those in power, your boss will do all sorts of things for you and like you for no reason at all. I have been lucky that my superiors always seem to think I am great, to the point I feel a tad guilty. A great chart like mine, it seems, has influence but I think your mother and father are even more important. For those who say astrology says what must happen-think again!
I would say your chart has an influence of like 40%. There are those who overcame a very bad chart. There is an example, Patton. This military general has an awful chart! A good chart doesn't automatically mean success, in fact criminals often have very good charts. It is thought that things come too easily to them and so they never learn how to work hard for what they get. Oprah Winfrey has a chart often studied, she has a locomotive chart and the "steam engine" is Jupiter. She also has planets conjunct fixed stars. Jupiter is the planet of blessings and if Jupiter has aspects to all your planets, then you have luck in all areas of life. Oprah Winfrey has a great birth chart, and astrologers like to say success was guarenteed for her. Maybe this is so, I don't know, but I do know that she was raped when she was 12 and that she did suffer poverty and her life has not been easy. You could say she has been lucky now but she hasn't always been so. I think that the planets and stars have a sort of influence that is hard to pin down, it is here one day and the next day it is not. I would call it the study of opportunities. It is more like this "might" happen than what will.
What is more certain is the study of personality. I have a friend with Aries in the 7th house of partners and she is always starting a new romance. You will find Aries always where people begin things over & over again. In the 10th house you will always be starting a new career. This sort of thing can be relied on more than any assurances of success. My hubby however has Aries in the 12th, and this mystical house contains everything in the universe and you never know what he is going to start! Aries and the Aries point is not about success it seems.
What I do know is that Jupiter defines me. Jupiter in zero degrees of Libra is who I am. Libra is ruled by Venus, it is a social sign and a sign that wants to please others. Libras are the people who have the best parties, a party brings out the best in Libra. They want soothing environments and soft music and flowers, they want a world filled with beauty. John Lennon was a Libra. When people come to my house I work so hard that their visit will be a good experience, I bring out my best food and my best conversation. I want to make them happy. No matter what this desire is always with me, no matter whether I personally like the guest or not. Jupiter tends to make everything it touches "bigger" and I want to please more than a Sun Sign Libra. I think that sometimes people wonder what I want from them! Why am I being so gosh-darned nice? I think I give the impression I am such a lonely and needy person when I fact I love solitude and I have to be alone at some time during the day! No one entertains as much as myself in fact. I love to be alone to read and to write and to think. I love to think about astrology for one thing!
I read that some Nazis have the Aries point, that the zero degree can also be one of insanity. It is unstable and wild to have a planet at the Aries point. Whew! Also possessed by serial killers. This is when the Aries point is badly aspected and even then it doesn't make you a serial killer. It can also be a point of great creativity and success. It is a point where you can be famous and make a very strong mark onto the world. The Aries Point is good and bad, depending.
Do you have a planet exactly between your Sun and the Moon? This planet is a blend of your ego and your emotional side and is the perfect expression of you. Eleanor Roosevelt had Venus at this point. Needless to say, she was much loved by the public. When a planet hits this point by transit this can make for a very interesting day! Venus and the principles of love and beauty were what Mrs. Roosevelt was all about.
My Jupiter is at the midpoint between my Sun and my Moon. I guess you can see the narcisstic draw of astrolgy for me, my chart seems to have a lot of the important aspects astrologers talk about all the time, aspects of the rich and famous. I have a chart with so many aspects, an enormously complicated one. I started as most do by looking at my own chart and it gave me hope. It gave me hope that, in spite of all the odds, I might be someone that other people respected. I cling fiercely to this hope, that somehow I can escape a life that has few things to look forward to. The more I found out that astrology was true then the more hope I was able to hang onto. It made me believe in the impossible. It inspires me. It makes my future look bright.
No wonder I like astrology.
There is another way to look at your chart. The father represented by the Sun or midheaven, and the mother by the Moon or the bottom of the chart. My mother was a Cancer and my Moon is in Cancer. My father was a Virgo and I have a Virgo midheaven. As I have a square between Mars and the Moon there was tension between my mother and I. The Arabic part for mother is the same degree as my Moon. As the Sun and Pluto are trine in my chart so it was that my father and I had this great love for each other as soon as I was born. My mother was quite jealous of how much my father loved me. My Sun and my Moon are in opposition with each other, and my father and mother were openly opposed to one another. They fought often and in public. Looking at my chart, I think I was born with the purpose of bringing these two together. With my Moon in Cancer I would be attuned to my mother's emotional needs, and with a Virgo midheaven I would understand my father's needs for order and attention to detail. Instead my mother became violently jealous of any attention my father gave me and said that my brother was "her" child and I belonged to my father. My father was always gone and when he did come home he didn't want to interact with us, I understand that his job as a mathmetician was very, very difficult. He was old-fashioned and believed my mother should do everything for me, but she didn't want to do anything for me. This left me virtually parentless. My mother was always telling me I "did" something to her and that one day God would punish me. I always thought I was punished enough by not having a mother. God is perhaps punishing me for this mysterious deed I committed when I was a baby that I cannot remember. The hysterical meaness of my mother cannot be understood, least of all by me. Mars square the Moon is an aspect also of those whose mothers died when they were very young. My mother had a very low I.Q, one degree above retardation and you could say she could not help it. She had very little intelligence. She had been brain damaged by a violent fever at the age of twelve and appeared to be "frozen" at the age of twelve. I noticed my mother liked children at that age and had a lot in common with kids in that age group. Needless to say, I am not for the rights of the mentally retarded to have children that you hear about sometimes in the news. Then again, twelve is a strange age. I wouldn't want to be 12 my whole life. This is when my mother's brain stopped growing and the overwhelming emotion I have for my mother is pity. Anyway, I am wandering away from the subject at hand. I wanted it to be understood that my mother could not help the things that she has done. I have always loved her regardless.
At any rate the Moon rules my chart and perhaps that is why my mother is the greater influence on my life. As my Sun is drug down by the dark influence of Saturn 9 degrees away so has my father been drug down by depression and insomnia. My chart is so much aligned with my life it quite takes my breath away. My brother's name is Walter. There is an asteroid named Walter at the same degree as my sun, and so it is that my brother has always obscured the light of my Sun. So many coincidences I find in astrology! Are they coincidences or are the stars writing the story of our fate? That is one fascinating question.

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