Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The 3rd House Mindset

Noel Tyl is an astrologer and you can Google his name and read his essays online, some of which were written for new astrologers but still interesting. I was interested in what he said about the 3rd house being our mindset. It is like the lens through which we look at everything else. The 3rd house corresponds to Gemini and is ruled by Mercury.
We are a bundle of contradictions and we interpert the planets in our own way. Our life's realities means a horoscope means different things. What is interesting to me is the simple declarations astrology makes to me about strengths and weaknesses. Things I knew instinctively are now articulated. It gives me self-awareness. This is who I am.
Noel Tyl makes a client's astrology chart like the one in the picture. He makes strong aspects clear by pressing the pencil down firmly on the paper, and less important aspects he does with a light line. I thought this a clever way to see the whole chart clearly. One thing he looks at is the sign on the cusp of the 3rd house, ruling that house, and that sign's ruling planet for your mindset.
For instance if the sign is Sagittarius then the ruling planet is Jupiter. Jupiter has a strong tie to education. You would be comfortable with learning and higher ideals and knowledge. You also look at Mercury's situation, the ruler of the 3rd house. Often when Mercury is squared by Saturn it make a person prone to depression, it gives seriousness and makes one hypercritical. Mercury rules verbalizations or talking about something and Saturn makes one critical and less emotionally moved. However much depends on the strength of Mercury in this situation. If Mercury is in a position of strength, (On an angle, in the signs that Mercury rules, peregrine, or at Sun/Moon midpoint) then there is this ability to succeed in spite of difficulties. A powerful Jupiter also helps Mercury, but then a powerful Jupiter helps everything in a chart.
What I want to share is what this told me about myself. It can tell you about yourself too.
Mars in the 3rd or a sign ruled by Mars makes aggression an okay expression for you. It is a placement of high-pressure salespeople. Saturn in the 3rd house or ruling the sign of the 3rd house gives a lot of seriousness. Clint Eastwood has Saturn in the 3rd. The Sun in the 3rd or in Leo (Leo is ruled by the Sun) gives one a large ego that rationalizes everything one does as alright. Cher has this placement. The Moon in the 3rd or in Cancer, (Moon rules Cancer), makes a person prone to emotional excess. The Moon rules emotions and there is this tendency to feel rather than use logic. My 3rd house is in Aquarius, ruled by Uranus. Uranus represents the rebel, and there is this need to sustain rebelliousness. There is this belief that you have to rebel to maintain your individuality.
My mind-set then is Aquarian. Aquarians are great humanitarians and great friends. They are the most unusual people, Uranus rules the unusual and the unexpected. In fact what house Aquarius rules tells you where you yourself are most unusual and that is quite something. I would be unusual in the way I communicate.
There are echoes in a chart that hit the same trends again and again. I don't know why. My unusual thinking processes is echoed by a peregrine Mercury. A peregrine planet is one that has no major aspect with any other, a planet isolated but made stronger because of it. It is called wild. A wild peregrine planet will act in unusual ways, so I have an unusual planet echoing my unusual Aquarian mindset. People often have aspects in their chart that say the same things over and over strangely enough. Pope Benedict has Jupiter peregrine, the planet of high ideals.
If it were not for other aspects in my chart I would be blurting out unexpected things off the top of my head all the time. A chart is curbed, re-routed or stopped in it's tracks by the opposite planet. Nevertheless my 3rd house is a part of me anyway, even if it is a part of me that people seldom see. I want to be that one voice that disagrees with what everyone else is saying and I think that is what makes me myself. I see myself as the one breaking all the rules even if I am following the rules to make my life easier, I am a rebel in my heart.

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