Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mars the Red Planet

Mars doesn't actually look red, kinda orangey though. Mars is our drive and energy and it rules the Sign of Aries. There was a scientist who once found something called the "Mars Effect". After compiling a whole lot of charts he found that Mars was often close to the angles of the birth chart of career athletes. It was stated that this guy sort of hurt his career studying something as goofy as astrology. Well astrology is kind of hard to pin down and yet kind of obviously true too, ya know? There is a scientist in Australia who is getting a lot of press with predicting the final scores of soccer games but I can't remember her name though. I do remember she claims about a 70 percent success rate which is quite good. She claims that, with a lot of study of patterns in a chart, that she can predict when you will get lucky in Vegas. I wonder if proof of astrology looms on the horizon?
I think astrology will be like ghosts, belief being a matter of personal preference. I mean it is that way now anyway. Lucky for me I am not a respected scientist and if I did like astrology I would buy a hat and stick it under it. People say I'm a Leo so I have to have a lot of attention or something and I just cringe a little. Yeuw. I wonder why those who are interested never follow that interest, with the internet you can learn a lot. I'm the only nut in this tree I guess. Oh well, I'm bigger than the squirrels.
Mars may be the war god but Mars is much more. How do you go after what you want? The sign that Mars is in should tell you. If your Mars is in a water sign such as Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio then you like to swim or boat or vacation near bodies of water. If Mars is in a Earth sign it may be you're too busy making money to swim or anything else. If Mars is in an air sign you get mental abilities but a Mars in Gemini can't focus on one thing. Gemini can't stop jumping around with different ideas. I am Mars in Aries and my energy level is high 'cause Mars rules Aries. Mars is in the 4th house of home and it is at home I seem to get into arguments. Oh yeah, Mars is you asserting yourself and telling people not to mess with you. Transits of Mars are often predict when accidents may happen, I mean like falling down and breaking your leg. Mars in Aries means I'm always getting hit in the head, the signs indicate parts of the body too. If you had Mars in Sagittarius you'd always be getting bruises on your thighs I suppose. Mars is considered a malefic or bad news a lot.
And yet Mars is necessary and is ever renewing and rules the Springtime. Here at home is where I put my energies with my Mars in the 4th house of home. Mars is the drive to live and the desire to live and those things that drive us that we cannot stop doing. Mars is also the masculine principle in a chart.
If a man has Venus in Leo, then he will always be attracted to Leos. If a woman has Mars in Gemini, she will always be attracted to Geminis. I am always attracted to Aries, though I must admit I am often afraid of them. Aries bulldozes over other people and takes the lead and will not let go. Aries doesn't mean to, it's just that an Aries is ruled by Mars and Mars is about that part of us that is like a baby. A baby only knows itself. It knows when something hurts it but a baby doesn't know when you are hurt. Aries can be so remarkably selfish it quite takes ones breath away. Mars will have what it wants and everyone else will be pushed out of the way. What makes our blood sing that we must have it will have our Mars taking over! It is what makes someone work hard and long to achieve a goal, this drive, this unrelenting I will never give up no matter what, this will of ours to be ourselves, this eternal spring in which we grow flowers of our own making are just Mars asserting himself.
Strangely, Mars is also a nocturnal planet although Mars is masculine and all things masculine belong to the daytime chart. It is thought that someone made a mistake somewhere, to put Mars in the feminine night. This is called Sect, an ancient form of astrology in which Mars, Venus, and the Moon rule anyone born at night. The other planets will stay on the sidelines and not be very important if you are born at night.
Astrology has been handed down to us sort of piecemeal, we have lost a lot since ancient times. I tend to think that Mars is exactly where it should be, a night planet. It is like how do they know that people born in winter will be a fiery and extremely happy-go-lucky Sagittarian? We just don't know. Mars belongs to the night just like it belongs to our darkest and most secret desires.

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