Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Saturn Freeze

Perhaps no one else has noticed this, but I have. When you read all the descriptions of Saturn by all different sources one thing becomes clear.
Saturn freezes.
Like Jack Frost the touch of Saturn is cold and pessimistic. If one lived a sheltered life perhaps your fears wouldn't lead you into Saturn's cold embrace. Saturn is connected with reality, with seeing things how they really are; so with a loss of innocence you fall into Saturn and he never lets you go. Not only that, but Saturn fills you with doubt wherever he touches your chart. You doubt yourself. Sarcastic and skeptical and rigid, Saturn is like the dirty old man you run away from 'cause he is such a pervert. Saturn represents law and order too. In my life, society has let me down. Society did not protect me and neither did my teachers and parents follow the rules I had to follow, which is unfair of course. Many people come to hate Saturn in their chart. I did.
Like the old man in pictures of Saturn, this planet resists change. It's safe the way things are this planet seems to say and if you change you might suffer and die. I suffer from too much Saturn of course in my chart and I wish for freedom from the jail of my own being.
Saturn conjunct Venus makes one have one relationship, sometimes a very bad one, and stay with it through thick and then no matter what. It makes one feel dutiful towards you partner when every other emotion is gone, even love. Saturn sometimes represents the father. I have a friend with Saturn conjunct Venus and not only is she stuck with a bad relationship her father also tries to control her every move. This conjunction is in the second house of money, and her father is always threatening to stop giving her money. Somehow she is doubtful of her financial ability, she thinks she cannot survive without her father giving her money. Saturn and self-doubt again!
Frozen time and time again, I am afraid to make a move in my life. I fear success and I fear failure. Saturn tells us it is best that things remain as they are, who knows what could happen if things changed? Saturn is the planet of constriction just as Jupiter is the planet of expansion. This planet is needed as a cosmic counterweight to the appalling excesses of Jupiter, the world could not exist without Saturn.
That doesn't mean I have to like it.

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