Wednesday, July 8, 2009

10 Things I Hate About You

!) You lie sometimes and don't even know it. A person should at least reach consciousness.
2) You may push me around and feel better for an hour or so but superiority has nothing to do with power - you just are or you aren't.
3) When you say you love me, don't make me slap you.
4) Everytime I bring home a dog I get a lecture about the cost of dog food and then you end up loving the dog so much I have to steal said dog away from you.
5) It's this way in this situation when you are in it, another way when you are not. This is not logical!
6) There are other things to eat besides french fries.
7) You talk to the television. The people on T.V. cannot hear you.
8) You never believe me unless it is what you, also, believe
9)You tell me to save money when you never do so yourself.
10) I can't owe you money if I am married to you.
Hubby does not read blogs, in fact, he doesn't do computers at all but will watch you across the room and feign disinterest as soon as asked about this.

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