Friday, July 31, 2009

Egyptian Bounds

Egyptian bounds are used by some astrologers and not at all by others. There is a table on Wikipedia. This is a system of internal rulerships and what degrees of a sign. For instance Cancer has these lords,
0-6.999degrees Mars 7-12.999 Venus 13-18.999 Mercury 19-24.999 Jupiter and so on.
So it is my Moon is Cancer is at 6 degrees and the bound lord of my Moon is Mars. The Bound Lord reveals reality of the point in actual experience, rather than in theory. What is instead of what should have been. It appears to me this means that my Moon is subserviant to Mars in my chart.
A personal point for all of us is the Ascendant. You're supposed to look for the Bound Lord of this point to see which direction you should be going in life. Mine is at 0 degrees Sagittarius and my bound Lord is Jupiter. Jupiter is in Libra in the tenth house for me. Now Libra is an artistic sign and Libra rules the house of career so this would point me toward a career doing creative work.
My Moon is in the eighth house but it's bound Lord is Mars which rules the 5th house of creativity. Like a teacher who wants to make sure that you don't make mistakes, your birth chart will point out the same things again and again.
I used to wonder what career I wanted. I couldn't decide. I am interested in everything. I like science a lot and psychology. I wanted once to be a high school counselor. If I had gone to an astrologer then I could have been told that I was to be an artist of some kind, and now that I am much older I know it. It would've been extremely useful to have known that when I was younger. I think astrologer would be great for teens trying to decide on a career.

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