Sunday, July 26, 2009


There are 360 degrees in the circle that is your astrology chart. When two planets are 72 degrees apart this is called a quintile. What is interesting about this aspect is that it tells you a talent that you have, a talent that you were born with. I think I have something to add because I know my quintiles so very well.
I have one between Mercury and Neptune. Mercury is the planet of communication, it tells you how you think. Neptune is the planet of dreams and illusions. This quintile makes one a fiction writer because you can easily put yourself into an imaginary world and imagine being someone else. It lends a magician's abilities with your ability to communicate. This is straightforward for me and easy to understand. I find that I am easily drawn by reading into the world the author creates too. Reading has always been a great pleasure for me, a wholesome and dependable pleasure.
My other quintile is between the Moon and Neptune. The Moon is our emotions and our heart and all about our feelings. This is an aspect of muscians, but I have no musical talent. What I have is an intense enjoyment of music. When you combine the magic of words with music then the effect on me is quite indescribable. I can be lifted up in spirit to the highest mountain and the amazing thing is how inspired I am. I can't articulate how rich these experiences are or how deeply music moves me. It sounds stupid to say it the way I am saying it, I cannot tell anyone how great music is to me. It is a great gift.
Often people will talk to me about lovemaking and how great and mind blowing it is, but I can truly say that is not the greatest thing in the world. I would tell these people to listen to some music like the 5th Symphony or to read a great book like Watership Down and that it would be better but they would not understand or agree. I understand that I have these gifts and I was born with them. The gifts a quintile gives to you is as natural to you as breathing. I am sorry that I cannot share them or even explain what I mean.
Go to and see if you have quintiles, 144 degrees apart is a biquintile. This is the most amazing astrological discovery I have made.

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