Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What Hillbillies Like

(1) Hunting season.
(2) Squirrel and Dumplings
(3) Hats with pictures of trucks on them.
(4) Beagles who chase rabbits and run in circles and get dizzy when it is not deer season. Is funny.
Is not funny when it is deer season and dogs chase rabbit.
(5) When cars bounce in ruts in driveway, everyone knows you should drive a pick-up truck.
(6) Baths, so hard to take but okay when over.
(7) Soap and shampoo, same thing.
(8) Guns, guns and did I mention guns?
(9) Outside better than inside, don't like being surrounded by walls. Is dangerous.
(10) To see how many directions hair can point to, lotta fun.
(11) Camouflage.
(12) Foglights on top of truck. Cool.
(13) Family is great. Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Seventh cousins all same. All cousins.
(14) Food in beard good, some for later.
(15) Country music is only music in country.
(16) Everclear is Windex. Clean windows. Yeah mine are dirty, so what?
(17) Pee on tire makes tire go farther.

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