Saturday, June 27, 2009

Scout Planet

I was intrigued to find out that the order of the planets is the order in which we think! What an idea!
The planet that rises before the Sun is our Scout planet.
The Sun represents you, your will, what you decide to do.
The planets in a chart move in a clockwise direction and the planet rising next to your Sun is your Scout planet. For instance, if that planet is Mars then you do things before you think about it, almost reflexively. If that planet is the Moon then you feel things before you act and you tend to react in an emotional way to everything. Like bases in a baseball game, our reactions touch base with each planet. So Sun, Mars, Moon would be an instant angry reaction and then immediately feeling sorry for your angry outburst. (Mars is assertiveness and we often protect ourselves with our anger)
Our Scout planet is our first reaction to the world and lends itself to our understanding of the world better than any other, and I want an orderly world and I want the rules followed. My Scout planet is Saturn. Of course the world is very messy and people seldom follow the rules and I ignore that. I concentrate on things that I can put into order but it is those things that I choose. My house, for instance, is very messy! My cluttered house can be blamed on Lilith in the 3rd house so I've been told! Myself is at war with myself because I am unhappy with my messy house and yet I cannot change. We are a bundle of contradictions and we have these internal wars with ourselves. I was a source of amusement for my roommate once years ago when I concentrated on cleaning the floor! I could not change the huge amount of clutter that the people I lived with brought in, it wasn't my stuff and I couldn't touch it, so I was mopping our wooden varnished floor every day trying to remove every speck of dust off of it! I put these blinders on so I only see this one thing I want to be exactly right otherwise I would go insane very quickly. She couldn't understand why I was always mopping the floor. Me either! I didn't know myself as I was very young then, I just did it.
I see the effects of Saturn when I write too. Creativity is also messy but my Saturn wants each post I blog to be perfect and it should only be about the topic in the title and not wander off to subjects not covered. My Saturn and my Sun are together in my first house, so the object that I want to be in order is myself. Saturn is a hard taskmaster, and the only way to live with Saturn is to go to work. Saturn is all about work and as long as Saturn is working at something then you do not feel so guilty. I am feeling guilty if, at the end of the day, I have not accomplished anything. I only try to make that work that I have to do be something that I enjoy doing, and I am lucky that I do enjoy writing. It is something you can do anytime, anywhere so that is easy to do.
Saturn is the planet of delay, we can only feel very sorry for those people whose Saturn is in the 6th house. I am told that the 6th house, the house of work and what we do for a living, is the house of survival. People with Saturn here have difficulty just getting a job and then holding on to that job. Astrologers often list famous people with each aspect, they couldn't find 5 famous people who had Saturn in the 6th how awful is that! With me with Saturn in the 1st it is myself I find fault with, that is how the stars are in my sky.
For people who have intense Saturn problems such as I, take heart, for Saturn rules older people and as you grow older Saturn becomes much nicer to you. Saturn is sometimes called Father Time for it represents karma and receiving what is your due. Saturn is hard on you when you're not doing what you're supposed to be doing, true, but Saturn also gives you your just reward that you've earned that you can enjoy knowing that you absolutely deserve it.

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