Tuesday, June 23, 2009

We can publish things

I was raised in the 60's, a naive time when we thought we might change the world. We would've been quite giddy with excitement of the thought of blogs & blogging. What fun we would've had! My father would get so angry every time he saw a man with long hair, I realized then the basis of all this anger was fear. Older people feared that we really would change the world.
All this fear was for nothing. I was quite overcome with giggles when my father asked me recently if I wanted to overthrow the "establishment". Where does my father get these ideas? It wasn't me I promise, rather I guess the media. My friends insisted on being hippies, and I wonder about that. It was the thing to do. I don't think we had a single idea in our heads what a hippie was, we were imitating what we had seen others do. My father seemed to think we had ideas, but I promise we didn't have a single idea in our heads. How can my parents live with me in the same house, know me since I was an infant, and still not know me?
If there is one belief I have it has to do with religion and not governments. Politics makes me yawn. I rather think that these structures of government will be there until they are absolutely forced to change, and I think that change will be the economy. When people can no longer afford to go to the doctor they will have to bring costs down, it just makes sense. People will of course suffer in the process I think. Poor people just go to the emergency room, I got a lecture from a doctor who told me unless I was bleeding don't come there. It's the standard lecture. It's not going to work. If you have a sick baby you go get some medical care for that baby and you listen to the lecture. That's because it's the right thing to do. Poor people are not going to just lay down and die because they can't afford medical care. I've heard nurses say that I do not look like I am missing any meals so I can't be so poor. Poor people eat a lot of things that cost very little, they fill up on carbs and it tends to make one fat. I listen and then I go home. My child gets her medicine and she gets to see a doctor, that is the important thing after all.
Now I know I cannot change the world and I cannot even win an argument with an angry nurse. Many of my beliefs I just keep to myself. I've been blasted more than once 'cause my beliefs are "crazy".
So what is a passive rebel to do? Blog maybe?

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