Thursday, August 6, 2009

Christine Freehan

This author has written a lot of novels in which the man is a vampire and who will die without his mate. I think these books have a lot in common with the Twilight books. There is a man telling you he will die without you. Hmmm, maybe that is just what women want to hear.
They care for their mates tenderly and go bonkers if they are threatened by someone else. Christine Freehan knows some secret and I'm not sure that is what it is. I also want to know how she writes so many books. How many ways are there to say I love you.
What she seems to imply is that love itself is dark, even if her stories did not contain vampires. I think that is true. We don't know why we are attracted to certain men, some of which are very bad for us. We don't care. It is the wonder of a women who was without weight and without a home and without a man, to realize that at last she has everything she has ever needed.

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  1. yeah, every time I read one it sounds the same, and the dominating males really bug me, but I keep picking them up!! ARG!