Monday, August 3, 2009

Midheaven and the Axis of Your Life

The top of your chart is about your career. This is a science in itself and it seems it's done different ways by different astrologers.
There are 4 dark lines called an axis. The line at the top is the midheaven point and mine is in Virgo. Now Virgo works behind the scenes as an assistant or a servant to another. Virgo is interested in health and diet and in details and are considered picky. It appears that for me this represents the spirit in which I do things, for Virgo serves others. I like to think I am helping people.
Some say the planet nearest to the midheaven represents what your career is. For me it is Pluto and Pluto likes anything to do with detective work and revealing secrets and anything to do with death. Well I do like to know secrets.
I've also read that the planet in good aspect to the midheaven, meaning a trine or a sextile or a quintile is the one to be considered as indicating the career. I have Mercury trine the midheaven, the planet about communication.
Capricorn is a sign concerned with career, in fact Capricorn corresponds to the 10th house of career. Capricorn is ruling my 2nd house of money, which coincindentally is also where Mercury resides.
Since Saturn sort of represents work it is thought that what element Saturn is in tells you something about yourself and the way you approach career.
An earth sign is concerned with building a career and doing something like earning a college degree or having a job in which you can work up the ladder and can be promoted. An earth sign has a common sense approach to career.
A water sign must have an emotional attachment to what they do in some way, for instance a Scorpio midheaven may be someone who works for the F.B.I. and maybe feels a sense of comraderie with the other agents and that he or she is doing something worthwhile. The job is something that can be all consuming like a water sign likes it to be.
A fire sign Saturn represents someone with personal goals that might have nothing to do with making a lot of money or status. They might have a goal for instance of becoming a better person, or being the perfect mom. It very well might be a goal just for themselves, very personal. I have a fire sign Saturn and I can see that this is correct for me.
Some astrologers have complicated ways to figure out what career you should be doing that I cannot put down here, because quite frankly I don't understand them.
I must say that Virgo is something of a perfectionist and I am constantly tearing up paper upon which I have written the beginnings of novels. I think that my Virgo midheaven is pushing me to be perfect and I am so unhappy with whatever I write that I may never become a writer.
The axis represents what sort of person you are according to what signs the 4 points of this axis is. If your axis is in fixed signs then you would resist change. A fixed sign follows through on any project until it is done so fixed signs are great.
If your axis is in mutable signs you have great flexibility. If one approach is not working then a mutable sign will try something else.
If your axis is in Cardinal signs, (Cancer, Libra, Aries and Capricorn) then you have great beginnings but don't get things done so well. You are a great leader and very inspiring however you seldom finish what you start.
Most people are a mix and to be balanced is a very good thing. Some of us don't have this balance and we suffer our shortcomings.

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