Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hillbilly Dictionary

plum like - To totally forget as in "I went to the store to buy bread and I plum like forgot it."
mess - enough of some food item to make approximately four servings as in "We don't have enough okra in the garden to make a mess."
tacky - Something that looks bad, usually used in regards to yucky fashion as in, "That broach on her blue jean pocket just looks tacky.
tacky - behavior that is bad, such as breaking up with someone by asking your mom to do it for you.
Bless her heart - this makes any negative comment okay, because you are saying the person tries but just can't do it right as in, "She can't cook at all, bless her heart."
fixing - you might think fixing means repairing an item that is broken but it really means you're about to do something as in, "I'm fixing to go to the store."
"Did you get enough to eat?" after eating dinner at someone's house is polite and signifys that the host will offer you more food if you are still hungry and does not mean to imply that you eat like a horse, or a pig.
"Did you get gone?" means "Have you left for your trip yet?"
"I didn't ask you to." is hillbilly speak for telling you that although you did something nice for them, they did not ask you to so they are in no way obligated to pay you back.
"He looks squirrelly." is used to describe a man who has a lot of hair that is wild and unkempt. This reminds hillbillies a lot of rodents who live in trees.
"She talks about everybody." is hillbilly speak for the gossip who does it for the sensationalism aspect of spreading rumours and is a negative statement.
"Whoa." You are driving too fast.
"She thinks her poop don't stink." is hillbilly slang for she thinks she is so high-class and is so snobby, that she would be so stupid as to believe her bowel movements do not, like other peoples, smell bad.
"Well why did he do that?" is hillbilly talk meaning that someone did something for no discernable reason at all.
"Mmmm..." I am listening, keep talking.
"Didn't no bird every fly so high that it didn't fall one day and hit the ground." is hillbillies remarking how even people who have a lot of money and think themselves better than everyone else can still suffer setbacks and bad things can still happen to them. It is a gentle reminder that we are all just people, just like birds are all birds.
"Whee." You are driving too fast and I like it.
"Getting your tank full." means getting drunk see "getting tanked"

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