Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fixed Stars

Anne Wright's wonderful site about stars is called Constellation of Words. You go here with knowledge of what degree and what sign your natal planets have. What you are looking for is for a planet at the same degree and of the same nature as your natal planet. Ptolemy, some ancient writer who unfortunately forgot to write down how he came to his conclusions, has recorded what planets these stars are like. For instance Aldebaran is the Persian Royal star of the east, and is the nature of Venus. If your Venus is there then this star will ring clear and true in your life, it can express itself most purely and distinctively. This is the star said to figure prominently in Eisenhower's life, and like Venus, that power was likable and beneficial. The opposition is said to be very powerful also, the opposition being directly across the chart. Antares opposes Aldebaran so if you have one you have the other also. Antares was called the "Fire star" and is associated with military honors. Antares is red and emerald green near the center of the constellation Scorpio. This star has the influence of Mars modified by Jupiter. All can be found at this site, and it is very interesting.
I was amused and excited to see I have a star and it is a Martian star. I have Algenib at 6 degrees of Aries and it's influence is Mars modified by Mercury. Since my natal Mars is also at 6 degrees Aries that makes Algenib a powerful star in my chart.
Amusing note here: said to denote a poor professional beggar. I have been in desperate circumstances.
Then the site says this star is favorable for finances!
The stars are said to "raise you up high" and then drop you. Stars work in short, venhement bursts so the stars, after working their magic, stop working and then you have to struggle to keep what you've gained.
However the qualities and talents of these stars stay with you. Mars is associated with quickness of mind and body. Also with courage and accidents. Mars is our drive. I have a powerful drive and I never give up! Mars is in Aries in my chart and conjunct a Martian star. Mars also rules the head and I have had a lot of accidents involving the head. Also said to cause headaches. Mars transits actually indicate when accidents can happen.
Stars seem to be lucky and unlucky also, don't they? My star page says Algenib causes noteriety, dishoner, violence and misfortune, but Mars and Mercury together promise mental brilliance.
I find it romantic that I have a star that belongs to me and I am so happy that I have one, in spite of the bad luck it is said stars can bring.

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