Sunday, August 30, 2009


Pallas is an asteroid in astrology named for the Greek Goddess Athene. She was a goddess of war and often shown with a lance and a helmut, but she was also the goddess of peace strangely enough. Goddess of wisdom too, she is often depicted with an owl. In astrology Pallas is how you solve problems and your ability to see patterns. I became interested in Pallas because I was doing the Arabic parts and so many of them gave me a result of 26 degrees Aquarius which is where Pallas is in my birthchart. The Arabic parts or lots are a point in your chart for different things, like Luck, Daughters, Father and the Lot of Fortune. The Lot of Fortune is considered the most important. My Arabic part of Art is Pallas, and Luck too. There is even a lot for your own death and I am not calculating that one thank you very much.
I read that Pallas shows where you solve problems, if she is in your fourth house then you solve problems best at home. In the 5th house of creativity and games she depicts your winning strategies and helps artistically. Einstein had Pallas in the 10th, this is where you solve problems best at your job.
The houses show where and the signs are your style of doing it. The houses are different areas of your life and the most important house is your first house. I would guess that just as planets in the first are influential over your whole life that someone with Pallas in the first would be a great problem solver, mathmetician or fashion designer.
I can tell you what I think Pallas does for me. I have Pallas in 3rd Aquarius. This is someone who thinks of solutions no one else thought of, Aquarius is where you are unusual. The 3rd house rules short journeys and the day to day things you do. This represents someone who solves problems by taking a walk and I actually do this. The third house is represented by Gemini and ruled by Mercury. I solve problems with words. I write things down and make lists and this is how I solve problems. Gemini rules writing. I do recognize the influence of Pallas in my own life.
When I blog about astrology I am taking information from many sources and seeing patterns.
Now these things are conscious, I think to myself that I'll take a walk or write it down. I mean that I know now what I was doing before instinctively.
It has been written that someone with Pallas in the 12th would suppress their talent. Any planet in the 12th is hidden away they say. The 12th is a mystical house as is the 4th and the 8th. Somehow I think that this is not always true at all, I have a planet in the 12th, Venus. The 12th house can be a terrible place it is true, but also a great place. It is said the 12th has no boundaries. What this means to me is that Venus is in every area of my life quite frankly.
Astrology does not predict the future in my opinion, neither does it mean that you can do nothing to change the future. I myself don't look at transits, and even for professionals they sort of see things in hindsight when they do see them. In my humble opinion of course.
I see it like this, every planet has 2 faces, good and bad. Good aspects can help bring out these talents you have but you have this potential. Every person is a treasure within, I am looking for mine.

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